Alys Karstark

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Allegiance House Karstark
Born In +/- 284 AL

Alys Karstark is the daughter of Lord Rickard Karstark. She is fifteen years old and a maiden.[1]


She was betrothed to Daryn Hornwood, heir to Hornwood. They were only waiting for her to flower to be wed.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

After the escape of Jaime Lannister, Lord Rickard promises Alys's hand to whomever would bring him the Kingslayer, murderer of his two sons.

A Dance with Dragons

Following Melisandre's prophecy to Jon Snow of a girl on a dying horse riding to the wall, Alys Karstark arrives at the wall to speak with Jon after fleeing her uncle Cregan. Cregan had tried to force her into a marriage with him to make him Lord of Karhold instead of castellan. To avoid this, she is married by Melisandre to Sigorn, Magnar of Thenn. When Cregan arrives at the wall to claim Alys, Cregan is thrown into an ice cell by Jon Snow.

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