Andrey Dalt

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Andrey Dalt
Alias Drey
Title Ser
Allegiance House Dalt
Book(s) A Feast for Crows

Ser Andrey Dalt, sometimes called Drey, is the brother and heir of Ser Dezial Dalt, the Knight of Lemonwood. Andrey is a close friend of Princess Arianne Martell, daughter of Doran, and he wanted to marry her when they were younger. He has an open face and an easy smile.[1]

Recent Events

In A Feast for Crows

Ser Andrey Dalt is part of Arianne Martell's conspiracy aiming to crown Princess Myrcella Baratheon as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. After the conspiracy is exposed and the members arrested by Areo Hotah and his men, he is taken into custody in Ghaston Grey. For this treason, he is condemned to exile for three years in Norvos at Lady Mellario's service.

References and Notes

  1. A Feast for Crows, Chapter 21, The Queenmaker