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[[Category:Characters from Andalos|Sevenstar, Argos]]
[[Category:Characters from Andalos|Sevenstar, Argos]]
[[fr:Argos Sept Étoiles]]
[[fr:Argos Sept Étoiles]]

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Argos Sevenstar
Culture(s) Andals
Died At Weeping Water
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Argos Sevenstar was an Andal warlord.


Argos Sevenstar was one of many Andals trying to invade Westeros. He was smashed by an alliance between King Theon Stark and the Boltons at the Battle of the Weeping Water.[1]

In the aftermath of victory King Theon raised his own fleet and crossed the narrow sea to the shores of Andalos, with Argos's corpse lashed to the prow of his flagship. Once there it is said he took a bloody vengeance.[1]


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