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Asha Greyjoy is the daughter of Balon Greyjoy and his wife, Alannys. She is fierce and proud, and defies traditional ironborn gender roles by commanding her own ship and leading men into battle.


Asha was fairly unattractive in her youth. After Theon's departure for Winterfell to be Eddard Stark's hostage and ward, Asha became Balon's only remaining child in Pyke. Asha grew into an attractive and bold young woman, and Balon effectively raised her as his heir. Upon Theon's return, Asha passed herself off as Esgred, a shipwright's wife, and flirted with him to learn his nature. Theon's naive arrogance amused her, but Theon grew angry at Asha's deception and her position. At a feast that night, Asha took the place of honor beside Balon, making Theon feel cheated. When he confronted her again about her deception, she claimed that she did in fact have a husband, hefting an axe, as well as a suckling babe, retrieving a dagger from between her breasts.

For her part in Balon's invasion, Asha commanded thirty longboats and conquered Deepwood Motte. She visited Theon after he took Winterfell, but refused to stay and help him defend the castle. She returned to the isles after Balon's death to claim the Seastone Chair. With the proposal to make peace with the mainland in exchange for land, she achieved a surprising amount of support at the Kingsmoot, but the crowd ultimately favored Euron. She departed again shortly thereafter, her plans unclear.


Asha is lean and long-legged, with short black hair and a sharp nose in a thin face.

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