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[[Category:Noblewomen|Dayne, Ashara]]
[[Category:Noblewomen|Dayne, Ashara]]
[[Category:Characters from Dorne|Dayne, Ashara]]
[[Category:Characters from Dorne|Dayne, Ashara]]
[[Category:House Dayne|Dayne, Ashara]]
[[Category:House Dayne]]
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[[fr:Ashara Dayne]]

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Dayne.png Ashara Dayne Dayne.png
Allegiance House Dayne
Culture Westeros
Died Starfall

Ashara Dayne was the younger sister of Arthur Dayne and a member of House Dayne.


She was one of the lady's companion of Elia Martell and was present at the Tourney at Harrenhal where she danced with Eddard Stark among others. After the end of Robert's Rebellion a rumor arose that Ashara was Eddard Stark's lover and the possible mother of Jon Snow.[1][2]

She jumped from the top of one of the towers of Starfall, called the Palestone Sword, on the cliff atop the sea.[3] One explanation of her action was that she was overcome by her brother Arthur's death. Her body was never recovered. Ser Barristan Selmy revealed that Ashara killed herself because she gave birth to a stillborn daughter. According to Selmy, a Stark bedded her at the tournament of Harrenhal and got her with child. Ashara was full of grief after the death of her child and shame for the way Stark dishonored her, which led to her suicide.


She was tall and fair, with haunting violet eyes.[4] She was regarded as extremely beautiful and many men were infatuated with her such as Barristan Selmy and Eddard Stark.



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