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Ashemark Jorge Carrero RoigII.jpg
Ashemark by Jorge Carrero. © Fantasy Flight Games
Location Westeros, Westerlands
Government House Marbrand , Feudal Lord.
Religion Faith of the Seven
The Westerlands and the location of Ashemark
The Westerlands and the location of Ashemark
The Westerlands and the location of Ashemark
Marbrand Estates
© Fantasy Flight Games

Ashemark is the castle of House Marbrand in the Westerlands.[1] Located in hilly terrain, the castle is situated southeast of the Crag, northwest of the Golden Tooth, and north of Sarsfield.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During the War of the Five Kings, King Robb Stark defeats House Lannister at the Battle of Oxcross. Robb then takes Ashemark, along with other castles of the westermen.[3] It is not mentioned if Lord Damon Marbrand is in attendance.

Robb then leaves Ashemark to march on the Crag. After learning that Storm's End has yielded to Stannis Baratheon, Catelyn Tully has Maester Vyman send a raven from Riverrun to Ashemark, hoping that a rider can then be sent to inform Robb.[4]

References and Notes