Battle by the Lakeshore

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Battle by the Lakeshore/The Fishfeed
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 130 AC
Place western Gods Eye, the riverlands
Result victory for the blacks
Greens Blacks
Lord Lefford
Lord Swyft
Lord Reyne
Lord Roderick Dustin
Lord Forrest Frey
Red Robb Rivers
Lord Bigglestone
Lord Chambers
Lord Perryn
Ser Garibald Grey
Lord Jon Charlton
Lord Ben Blackwood
unknown 2,000 northmen
200 knights
600 foot
300 archers
other rivermen
2,000 on both sides
Lord Lefford
Lord Swyft
Lord Reyne
Ser Clarent Crakehall
Ser Tyler Hill
2,000 on both sides
Lord Forrest Frey
Lord Bigglestone
Lord Jon Charlton

The Battle by the Lakeshore, called the Fishfeed by its participants, was a battle along the shores of the Gods Eye in the riverlands during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


During the Dance of the Dragons, House Lannister of the westerlands supported the greens, while House Stark of the north and most of the disorganized lords of the riverlands supported the blacks. Lord Jason Lannister led an army eastward in support of Aegon II Targaryen, but Jason was killed by Pate of Longleaf in the Battle at the Red Fork.[2] The Lannister army continued slowly because of the age and infirmity of its new commander, Lord Lefford.[1]


When the westermen reached the western shore of the lake called the Gods Eye, Lord Lefford discovered he was opposed by Lord Roderick Dustin with two thousand Winter Wolves, Lord Forrest Frey with two hundred knights and six hundred infantrymen, and Red Robb Rivers with three hundred archers. The westermen were quickly faced with another threat from the south, when Longleaf the Lionslayer arrived with survivors from previous battles in the war, as well as the lords of Houses Bigglestone, Chambers, and Perryn. The cautious Lefford sent ravens to nearby Harrenhal to seek assistance from Prince Aemond Targaryen, but Robb Rivers shot down the dozen ravens.[1]

The blacks received further reinforcement with the arrival of more river lords the following day, including Ser Garibald Grey, Lord Jon Charlton, and Lord Ben Blackwood.[1]

The army of westermen were attacked at dawn the next morning. The Winter Wolves led the attack, charging the Lannister spearmen five times. Attacked by the blacks from three sides, the Lannister soldiers were forced into the Gods Eye. Many died fighting amongst the lake's reeds, while others drowned trying to escape.[1]


Two thousand soldiers were killed in the Battle by the Lakeshore, making it the bloodiest land battle of the war. The high number of casualties led to it also being called the Fishfeed. The blacks lost Lords Frey, Bigglestone, and Charlton, while two thirds of the northern soldiers were killed or wounded. The greens lost their commander, Lord Lefford, as well as Lords Swyft and Reyne and the knights Clarent Crakehall and Tyler Hill.[1]

In response to the greens' crushing defeat, Prince Aemond and Ser Criston Cole abandoned Harrenhal, with Aemond waging guerilla war atop Vhagar and Criston heading south to find Lord Ormund Hightower.[1]