Battle of the Bells

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Battle of the Bells
Conflict Robert's Rebellion
Date 283 AL
Place Stoney Sept
Result Rebel victory
Rebel army of
The North
The Riverlands
The Vale
The Stormlands
Royal army of King's Landing
Robert Baratheon
Eddard Stark
Hoster Tully
Jon Connington
unknown unknown
Ser Denys Arryn
Unknown but larger then the Rebel's

The Battle of the Bells was a battle fought during Robert's Rebellion between royal and rebel forces at Stoney Sept. The battle is called Battle of the Bells because at the beginning of the battle the sept tolled the city bells to warn the citizens of the battle and to persuade them to stay inside their houses. The battle was won by the rebel army although the royals were able to retreat in good order.


After the start of the rebellion Robert had returned to the Stormlands to raise an army. He defeated those of his vassals who had remained loyal to Aerys II and then marched west with his host. Near the Stormland/Reach border a battle was fought at Ashford. Robert was defeated and turned north. Most likely, at this time he was trying to link up to his allies, the Starks, Tullys and Arryns.

It is not known what happened between Ashford and Stoney Sept but just before the battle, Robert was wounded and hiding from pursuers in Stoney Sept.


When Jon Connington occupied the town he ordered his soldiers to begin searching the houses looking for Robert Baratheon. They had not found him when the combined Tully-Stark army reached Stoney Sept. The rebels attacked the army of Connington who responded by fighting back fiercely. He wounded Hoster Tully and killed Jon Arryn's cousin and heir, Denys Arryn. At this point Robert came out (probably with his followers and led the counterattack. Although this seemed to have turned the tide of the battle, Robert himself later maintained that Eddard Stark won it for him. Jon Connington realized the battle was lost and was able to retreat in good order.


The retreat by Jon Connington seems quite a feat due to the fierce fighting and the location (town, house to house fighting) would make it hard to hold the army together. Nevertheless it did not impress Aerys II who had Connington exiled and seized his lands.

In the meantime, Rhaegar had returned to King's Landing and had taken command of the remnants of the royal army and the contingent sent by Dorne under Prince Lewyn Martell. The armies would clash again at the Battle of the Trident where the war would be decided.