Beron Blacktyde

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House Blacktyde.svgBlind Beron BlacktydeHouse Blacktyde.svg
  • Blind Beron Blacktyde[1]
  • Blind Ben Blacktyde[2]
Title Priest of the Drowned God
Allegiance House Blacktyde
Culture Ironborn

Beron Blacktyde, known as Blind Beron Blacktyde, is a priest of the Drowned God from House Blacktyde.[1]


Beron is blind.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Beron joins Aeron Greyjoy in calling for a kingsmoot.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

Beron is taken and put to the question in Euron Greyjoy's hunt for Aeron Greyjoy.[3]