Black Brides

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The Black Brides. By Magali Villeneuve

The Black Brides were three wives of King Maegor I Targaryen, who wed them in a single ceremony held in 47 AC. He chose them because the three women were of proven fertility. All had been widows of men who had died in Maegor's wars, or at his command.[1]

The Black Brides

  • Lady Elinor Costayne was the youngest of the three Black Brides, who had been married to Ser Theo Bolling, and had birthed him three children. Ser Theo had been arrested by the Kingsguard, accused of conspiring with Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon, and executed - all on the same day. Elinor, now nineteen years of age, was summoned to marry Maegor two weeks later. Elinor became pregnant with Maegor's child, and she birthed an eyeless child with small wings. Elinor would survive Maegor's reign.[1]
  • Lady Jeyne Westerling, the widow of Lord Alyn Tarbeck, had given her first husband a posthumous son. She became pregnant by Maegor in 47 AC, but the child came three months too soon. Another stillborn monster came forth from her womb, and Jeyne did not long survive the birth.[1][2]

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