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Location Reach, Westeros
Government House Bulwer, feudal lord
Ruler Lady Alysanne Bulwer
Religion Faith of the Seven
Notable places Singing cliffs
The Reach and the location of Blackcrown
The Reach and the location of Blackcrown
The Reach and the location of Blackcrown

Blackcrown is the seat of House Bulwer in the southwestern Reach.[1] It is located on the northern shore of Whispering Sound near Oldtown and Three Towers.[2]

Its cliffs are called singing cliffs for the whistle heard from the twisted towers and wind-carved stones standing above the waves.[3]

Blackcrown's maester is Normund.[4]


During his First Voyage, Alyn Velaryon sails past Blackcrown aboard the Lady Baela on his way to deal with the Red Kraken, Dalton Greyjoy, in the Westerlands.[3]


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