Blue Fork

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The riverlands and the location of the Blue Fork
The riverlands and the location of the Blue Fork
Blue Fork
The riverlands and the location of the Blue Fork

The Blue Fork is one of the three main rivers of the Trident in the riverlands, the other two being the Green Fork and the Red Fork. It is named for the purity of its waters.[1]


The Blue Fork has its source in pure springs[1] and marshy terrain south of Seagard and the Twins.[2] In order to get around the Blue Fork when it swells its banks, one must travel through Sevenstreams and Hag's Mire.[2]

The Blue Fork flows to the southeast past Oldstones, Fairmarket, and Ramsford, and it meets the Green Fork north of Lord Harroway's Town. The Trident then flows into the Bay of Crabs.[3] Ser Pate takes his title from the river.[4]


Arrec Durrandon watches the battle at Fairmarket, by Marc Simonetti

Tristifer IV Mudd, the Hammer of Justice, ruled from a castle, now called Oldstones, which overlooked the Blue Fork.[1]

Harwyn Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, began his conquest of the riverlands by landing one hundred longships south of Seagard and marching them overland to the Blue Fork. His ironborn then used rivers to conquer the region from the Storm King, Arrec Durrandon, with their greatest victory being the battle at Fairmarket.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

The army of Robb Stark sweeps around the headwaters of the Blue Fork and travels to the Whispering Wood.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Robb's army travels north from Riverrun toward the Twins for the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully to Roslin Frey. The Blue Fork is flooding its banks, however, with rising waters washing out the bridges at Fairmarket and Oldstones and preventing crossing at Ramsford. Instead, they ride around the Blue Fork, passing the ruins of Oldstones, rills and brooks near Sevenstreams, and the bogs of Hag's Mire.[2]

Following the Red Wedding, Merrett Frey rides to Oldstones to ransom his kinsman Petyr, but both Freys are killed by the brotherhood without banners.[6]

A Feast for Crows

Lucias Vypren and Black Walder Frey hunt the outlaws of the brotherhood along the Blue Fork.[7]


All the way up the Blue Fork they rode, past Sevenstreams where the river unraveled into a confusion of rills and brooks, then through Hag's Mire, where glistening green pools waited to swallow the unwary and the soft ground sucked at the hooves of their horses like a hungry babe at its mother's breast.[2]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark