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[[Category:Sellsword companies]]
[[Category:Sellsword companies]]
[[fr:Braves Compaings]]
[[fr:Braves Compaings]]
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The Brave Companions, also known as the Bloody Mummers, are a sellsword company of considerably ill repute. It comprises criminals and outcasts from many nations. During the War of the Five Kings, the band is led by Vargo Hoat, a tall, gaunt, lisping man from Qohor. The band is often called the "Bloody Mummers" by the Westerosi for its members' brutality and outlandish appearance, though they find this name insulting. They are also called the "Footmen" for Vargo's practice of cutting off the hands and feet of prisoners. Some of the company's notable members include Qyburn, a disgraced maester, Septon Utt, a child-killing priest of the Seven, Shagwell, a psychotic jester, and Fat Zollo, a Dothraki. Their standard is a black goat with bloody horns.[1]


Lord Tywin Lannister brought the Brave Companions to Westeros during the War of the Five Kings to forage and terrify the lands of his enemies. They went to Harrenhal and were joined by Rorge, Biter, and Jaqen H'ghar. Vargo's men quarreled with Ser Amory Lorch's men, causing both to be reprimanded by Tywin. After Tywin left Harrenhal, Jaqen, Rorge, and Biter helped Arya Stark free the Northerner prisoners. With the Northmen free, the Companions helped slaughter the Lannister garrison and open the castle's gates to Roose Bolton.

Vargo Hoat became Lord of Harrenhal for his service to the North, but he grew to suspect that his new Bolton allies would join the Lannisters. When several Companions captured Jaime Lannister, Vargo had Jaime's swordhand chopped off to drive a wedge between Tywin and Roose. The ploy did not work, and Roose soon abandoned Harrenhal. While attempting to rape the imprisoned Brienne of Tarth, Vargo lost an ear and the wound infected. With Lannister reprisal looming and Vargo slowly maddening from a fever, most of the Companions deserted. By the time Gregor Clegane arrived at Harrenhal and killed Vargo, the band had dissolved into smaller groups.

In the aftermath of the war, many Brave Companions became bandits and vagabonds. One particular group led by Rorge burned and slaughtered the entire town of Saltpans. Because Rorge wore the infamous helm of Sandor Clegane, these deeds were attributed to the Hound. Another group led by Shagwell went into hiding. Both groups were killed off after a confrontation with Brienne.

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