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Brazen Beast in Cat Mask by Robert O'Leary

The Brazen Beasts are an army of watchmen formed by Daenerys Targaryen after she conquers Meereen. The Brazen Beasts wear brass masks with the faces of different animals to protect themselves and their families from reprisal attacks by the Sons of the Harpy. The Beasts are made up of a mix of Shavepates and Freedmen. They are commanded by Skahaz mo Kandaq.[1] Ser Barristan Selmy hates the masks, as he dislikes not knowing who is behind them, and feels that honest men should not hide their faces.[2]


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The Brazen Beasts wear brass masks with the faces of animals. Over the masks, they wear dark hoods.[1] They wear pleated skirts and leather sandals, and many-colored patchwork cloaks to represent the many-colored bricks of Meereen.[3] They are armed with cudgels, staves,[3] spears, and shortswords.[4]

The animal masks include apes,[2] basilisks,[3] bears,[3] boars,[3] bulls,[3] cats,[2] cobras,[4] crocodiles,[2] fish,[5] foxes,[6] jackals,[1] hawks,[7] herons,[3] lions,[3] locusts,[6] manticores,[2] owls,[1] rams,[2] rats,[8] seals,[6] serpents,[3] sloths,[2] tigers,[3] toads,[6] voles,[2] and wolves.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Because her Unsullied are being killed by the Sons of the Harpy, Queen Daenerys Targaryen commands Skahaz mo Kandaq to form a watch made of native Meereeneese to keep the peace in Meereen.[9] Skahaz mo Kandaq forms the Brazen Beasts from equal numbers of freedmen and shavepate Meereenese. They walk the streets of Meereen day and night, in dark hoods and brass masks.[1]

For every Brazen Beast killed by a Son of the Harpy, Skahaz would kill one of the Meereneese noble child hostages kept by Queen Daenerys Targaryen, but she rejects this advice.[10]

Skahaz has the the Brazen Beasts follow Daenerys's betrothed Hizdahr zo Loraq and spy on him. Despite the lack of proof, Skahaz believes that Hizdahr is the Harpy.[7]

Daenerys visits Meereen's fighting pits for the first time, along with her new husband Hizdahr zo Loraq. The royal procession is led by a shavepate herald with a drum, followed by Brazen Beasts marching four abreast.[3]

After Daenerys disappears from the fighting pit, having flown away on Drogon's back,[3] the new king Hizdahr zo Loraq appoints his cousin Marghaz zo Loraq as the Brazen Beasts's new commander.[2] However, the Beasts still obey Skahaz mo Kandaq,[2] and turn on Hizdahr when Skahaz, Ser Barristan Selmy, and Grey Worm seize him and take control of Meereen.[8]

Prince Quentyn Martell, his friends Cletus Yronwood and Gerris Drinkwater, and sellswords of the Windblown disguise themselves as Brazen Beasts, in uniforms acquired by the Tattered Prince, in an effort to capture the dragons Rhaegal and Viserion.[4] During the attempt, four of the Brazen Beasts are killed, one by Yronwood and the rest by the Windblown. Of those who died, two were freedmen who had followed Daenerys since she took Astapor.[11]


The Beasts are still mine. Do not forget it.[2]

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