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Brienne of Tarth potentially has a claim (albeit distant) to the Iron Throne of the Targaryen dynasty.

According to Maester Yandel, House Tarth is "[...] an old family of Andal descent that boasts of ties to the Durrandons, the Baratheons, and more recently to House Targaryen."[1] Although it is unclear whether the statement means that a female Targaryen married into House Tarth—the option most often assumed by readers—or that a Tarth was married to a male Targaryen, the former situation would leave the Tarths with a drop of Targaryen blood of their own.


Due to the use of the word "recently", readers of A Song of Ice and Fire believe the ties between Houses Tarth and Targaryen date back to the past century. The Targaryen family tree as is currently known only displays a few Targaryens who lived during that time period and whose partners or descendants are unaccounted for. Targaryens suggested are:

  • The two sisters of King Aegon V, Princesses Daella and Rhae, who are known to have been married[2] but whose husbands have not been mentioned nor described.[3]
  • Any descendant of Daella or Rhae. Both princesses are known to have had children of their own.[2]
  • Princess Vaella, the only daughter of Prince Daeron and Kiera of Tyrosh.[4][3]
  • The potential children of Duncan, King Aegon V's eldest son. Although Duncan is known to have been married to Jenny of Oldstones,[5] it is unknown whether or not they had children.
  • Prince Maegor, the only son of Prince Aerion and Princess Daenora,[4][3] or any children they might have had.

In case of a female Targaryen marrying into House Tarth, Brienne and her father Selwyn could potentially have a claim to the Iron Throne, depending on the claim of their Targaryen ancestor.


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