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Bronn is a low-born sellsword of great skill. He has a lean, wolfish appearance, a black sense of humor, and a pragmatic, thoroughly amoral philosophy.

Bronn was a patron of the inn in which Catelyn Stark begged all men present to help her arrest Tyrion Lannister for the attempted murder of her son. He helped escort Tyrion to the Eyrie, but championed him during his trial by combat in hope of reward. He won the duel and thereafter passed into Tyrion's service as an enforcer. In King's Landing Bronn headed Tyrion's guards and was put in charge of pulling the massive chain tight across the Blackwater at the right time, a position of vital importance. For his contribution Tywin made him knight. He called himself Ser Bronn of the Blackwater and took as his sigil a green, flaming chain on black, in commemoration of his role in the battle.

Bronn promptly abandoned Tyrion, refusing to champion him a second time in a trial against the monstrous Gregor Clegane, taking an offer from his sister Cersei Lannister instead to marry into the wealthy House Stokeworth. He did not forget Tyrion completely, however. He named his wife Lollys's bastard son Tyrion in dubious honor of his former employer. This led Queen Cersei to fear that he was still in league with Tyrion, and conspired with his good-sister Falyse Stokeworth, the new Lady Stokeworth, and her husband Balman Byrch to have him killed. Ser Balman, ever chivalrous, challenged Bronn to a duel, but Bronn killed him using dirty tactics and Lady Falyse was expelled from the castle. Upon his brother-in-law's death, Bronn was unopposed as the Lord Protector of Stokeworth, a claim derived from his wife's new position as Lady Stokeworth.