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| Alias =
| Alias =
| Title = [[Maester]]
| Title = [[Maester]]
| Allegiance = [[Citadel]]<br>[[House Martell]]
| Allegiance = The [[Citadel]]<br>[[House Martell]]
| Race =
| Race =
| Culture =
| Culture =

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Magali Villenueve DoranMartell.JPG
Maester Caleotte attending to Prince Doran. © FFG

Title(s) Maester
Allegiance The Citadel
House Martell
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appendix)
A Clash of Kings (appendix)
A Storm of Swords (appendix)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Caleotte is a maester in service to House Martell in Dorne. He has been serving at Sunspear since Doran Martell's mother ruled as Princess of Dorne.[1]


Maester Caleotte is five feet tall, bald and has a smooth face. He is fat.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Caleotte receives the letter from King's Landing explaining Oberyn Martell's death and brings it to Prince Doran Martell at the Water Gardens.[1] He saves Princess Myrcella Baratheon's life after she is wounded by Ser Gerold Dayne.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Caleotte is present when Balon Swann presents the Mountain's skull to Prince Doran Martell and his court. He afterwards escorts Doran, Arianne Martell, and Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene Sand to Doran's solar, taking Ser Gregor Clegane's skull with him. He leaves the solar before Doran discusses his plans with his daughter and nieces.[3]


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