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| Character_name          = [[File:House Piper.png|50px|left]] Clement Piper [[File:House Piper.png|50px|right]]
| image        = <br>
| image_caption =
| Alias =
| Title = Lord of Pinkmaiden
| Allegiance = [[House Piper]]
| Race =
| Culture =
| Spouse =
| Place_of_Birth =
| Date_of_Birth =
| Place_of_Death =
| Date_of_Death =
| Books = [[A Game of Thrones]]<br>[[A Storm of Swords]]<br>[[A Feast for Crows]]
| coat-of-arms =
Lord '''Clement Piper''' is the Lord of [[Pinkmaiden]]. He is short, fat, bowlegged and has red hair that is bushy and wild. His son, [[Lewys Piper]], resembles him.<ref>[[A Feast for Crows]], [[A Feast for Crows-Chapter 38|Chapter 38]], Jaime</ref>
==Recent Events==
===A Game of Thrones===
[[Edmure Tully]] commanded [[House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest|Lord Vance]] and Lord Clement Piper to guard the pass below the [[Golden Tooth]] when the [[House Lannister|Lannisters]] start to mass troops there.<ref>[[A Game of Thrones]], [[A Game of Thrones-Chapter 40|Chapter 40]], Catelyn</ref> Ser [[Jaime Lannister]] smashed their force, with Lord Vance killed and Lord Clement put to flight.
===A Feast for Crows===
Lord Clement was among the reluctant Riverlords who take part in the [[Siege of Riverrun]]. He was named as a representative to the war council for those Riverlords who only joined with [[House Lannister]] after the [[Red Wedding]]. During the council, Lord Clement dismisses Lord [[Norbert Vance]]'s idea of peaceful resolution and threatens [[Edwyn Frey]] before [[Walder Rivers]] steps in.<ref>[[A Feast for Crows]], [[A Feast for Crows-Chapter 38|Chapter 38]], Jaime</ref>
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==References and Notes==
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