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Crowns are worn as a symbol of royal or elevated office, especially kings. Rulers in many cultures, such as a King-Beyond-the-Wall who may rule the Wildlings or Free Folk, wear no crowns.

Crowns of the Targaryen dynasty[1]

Aegon I in his crown

Crown of Aegon I

Description: A circle crown of Valyrian steel set with big square-cut rubies.

Royal Bearers:

Aenys I in his crown

Crown of Aenys I

Description: A crown of gold, elaborate and larger than the crown of Aegon I.

Royal Bearers:

Jaehaerys I

Crown of Jaehaerys I

Description: A simple gold band with seven different colored stones inset.

Royal Bearers:

Aegon III in his crown

Crown of Aegon III

Description: A slender gold band.

Royal Bearers:

Baelor I in his crown

Crown of Baelor I

Description: A crown made of flowers and vines.

Royal Bearers:

Aegon IV in his crown

Crown of Aegon IV

Description: A crown huge and heavy of red gold, each of its points a dragon head with gemstone eyes.

Royal Bearers:

Maekar I in his crown

Crown of Maekar I

Description: A crown of black iron and gold, with sharp points.

Royal Bearers:

Daenerys in her crown

Crown of Daenerys Stormborn[2]

Description: A crown wrought in the shape of a three-headed dragon. The coils are yellow gold, the wings silver, the heads carved from jade, ivory, and onyx.[3]

Origin: The crown was given as a gift to Daenerys Stormborn by the Tourmaline Brotherhood, a merchant faction, in Qarth after her emergence from the Red Waste.[4]

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Alysanne

Description: A crown of gold. (The merlons atop the tower of the holdfast Queenscrown, a little south of The Wall, is said to have been painted gold in emulation of this crown in memory of Queen Alysanne Targaryen who once slept there).[5][6]

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Rhaella

History: When Viserys Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen flee to the Free Cities towards the end of Robert's Rebellion they take the crown of their mother, Queen Rhaella Targaryen, with them. Later, in poverty in exile, they sell this crown in order to survive. It is not clear whether this crown is in fact any of the crowns detailed above.[7]

Royal Bearers:

Crowns of the Baratheon dynasty

TV show depiction of Joffrey Baratheon's crown

Crown of Joffrey I

Description: A crown of gold crusted with rubies and black diamonds.[8][9] The crown is described as to big for young King Tommen but his queen mother, Cersei Baratheon-Lannister, thinks that he may grown into it.[10]

Royal Bearers:

Stannis in his crown by Henning Ludvigsen, Fantasy Flight Games ©.

Crown of Stannis Baratheon

Description: A crown of red gold wrought with points that look like flames.[11] A twin crown for the royal consort is associated with this crown.[12]

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Renly Baratheon

Description: A crown with golden roses girding the temple and a jade stag's head afore.[13][11]

Royal Bearers:

Cersei's crown

First Crown of Cersei Baratheon-Lannister

Description: A crown of gold.[14]

Royal Bearers:

Queen Cersei in second crown

Second Crown of Cersei Baratheon-Lannister

Description: A crown of pale spun gold set with emeralds (said to sparkle when the wearer turns the head). This crown is described as lighter than the first crown of Cersei Baratheon-Lannister.[15]

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Queen Magaery Baratheon-Tyrell

Description: A slim golden crown.[16]

Royal Bearers:

Crowns of the Kings in the North

Rob Stark in his crown

Crown of Robb Stark

Description: An open circlet of hammered bronze incised with the runes of the First Men, surmounted by nine black iron spikes wrought in the shape of longswords. It is said to look much the same as the one worn by the former Stark Kings in The North.[17]

Origins: The crown was forged by Lord Hoster Tully's smith at Riverrun soon after Robb Stark was declared King in the North and King of the Trident.

Royal Bearers:

Subsequent Carriers:

Crown of Jeyne Stark-Westerling

Royal Bearers:

Crowns of the Ironborn

Driftwood Crown by Jen Zee©

Crown of Salt and Rock

Office: The crown of Salt and Rock, also referred to as the Driftwood Crown, denotes kingship over the Iron Isles, the Ironborn and their territories. Associated with the crown of Salt and Rock is the Seastone Chair denoting the same office. It is unclear whether this crown is the same one worn by the Kings of the Ironborn before the War of Conquest.

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Theon Greyjoy

Description: A finger-slim iron band with chunks of black diamond and gold nuggets. It is described as misshapen and ugly.[21]

Origin: This crown was forged in Winterfell at the command of Theon Greyjoy after Winterfell was taken by the Ironborn under Theon Greyjoy. Theon observes that the new smith replacing the slain Mikken is capable of little more than nails and horseshoes.[21]

Royal Bearers:

Crown of Asha Greyjoy

History: Asha Greyjoy wears a makeshift crown to the Kingsmoot initiated by Aeron Greyjoy the Damphair during the War of the Five Kings.[22]

Royal Bearers:

Religious Crowns

High Septon in his crown by Amoka©

Crowns of the High Septon

Description and History: The crowns of the High Septon of Faith of the Seven is an immense crown of spun gold and crystal that wreathed the head with rainbows when the wearer moves.[23][8][16] There have been two crowns in the course of A Song of Ice and Fire. The first went missing (and its wearer killed) during the Riot of King's Landing.[8] The second was a gift to the Faith and new High Septon from Tywin Lannister (the then Hand of the King) and much taller and more elaborate than the previous crown.[16] This second crown was sold by the faith, ostensibly to feed the hungry, when the next High Septon (known as the High Sparrow) assumed the position. This second crown is estimated (by Cersei) to add one and a half feet to the wearers height.[10]

Other Crowns

Hizdahr zo Loraq's crown

Crowns in history and legend

Garth Gardener's crown

Notable omissions

TV show depiction of Robert Baratheon's crown

It may be noted that although Robert I Baratheon was the 18th King on the Iron Throne no mention is made of his crown. It is likely that each line of kings to preside over each of the many kingdoms that emerged throughout the history of Westeros bore a crown of some description.

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