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Daena Targaryen
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Alias(es) Daena the Defiant
Allegiance House Targaryen
Culture(s) Valyrian
Born In 145 AC [1]
Spouse(s) King Baelor I Targaryen

Daena Targaryen, also known as Daena the Defiant, was the eldest daughter of King Aegon the Dragonbane. She was the sister-wife of King Baelor I Targaryen, the lover of King Aegon IV Targaryen, and mother to Daemon Blackfyre.

Character and Appearance

Daena was wild almost from birth. She was strong, beautiful, and willful. Like the rest of her siblings she had Valyrian looks, her long silver-gold hair was thick and curly, framing her heart-shaped face. Her eyes were purple. She was lithe and athletic. She was an expert horsewoman and also a hunter and a fine archer with her short recurved bow. She had a a fearless "I'll dare anything" smile.

She worshipped her father and idolized her brother Daeron, the Young Dragon. Daena's dress was often as dramatic as she was. As a child, she always wore black in emulation of her father. After her brother Baelor failed to consummate their marriage, she changed to all white, and vowed to wear nothing else until she had been properly bedded, in hopes of shaming him - this did not work. Baelor liked her in white, feeling that it made her look more innocent. Later, as a pampered prisoner in her brother's court, Daena made several escapes, usually by dressing as a washerwoman or serving girl (once with the connivance of her cousin, Aegon).

She always wore the golden three-headed dragon pendant she had inherited from her father. At court she wore it on a fine golden chain; when in disguise, she hung it on a leather thong and hid it beneath her clothes. Supposedly she even wore it when bathing, and when making love.[1]


Daena was the eldest daughter of Aegon III, and was born around 145 AC to Daenaera from the House Velaryon.

At a early age, Daena was married to her brother Baelor, by her father, in the Targaryen tradition. Daena and Baelor's marriage was an unhappy one, with her pious brother obsessed by the Faith of the Seven. Baelor refused to consummate their marriage and had it dissolved when he ascended the Iron Throne, after Daena's elder brother King Daeron I died in Dorne.

After Baelor's ascension, Daena and her sisters were confined to their own apartments in the Red Keep (which soon became known as the Maidenvault), so the sight of them would not tempt Baelor or others in his court to mortal lusts. Daena was sixteen at this time.

According to semi-canon sources, during her time of confinement at the Maidenvault, Daena escaped several times and had an affair with her cousin Prince Aegon, despite his marriage to his own sister-wife Naerys. When she became pregnant she refused to name the father and became known as "Daena the Defiant." Her son was born robust and healthy, with the purple eyes and silver-gold hair of the Targaryens. Daena named him Daemon and raised him alone. [1] The father was only revealed years later when King Aegon IV Targaryen gave Daemon the ancestral Targaryen sword Blackfyre, acknowledging him as one of his bastards, while also legitimizing him.


Aegon IV
Daemon I
of Tyrosh
Daemon II
Two sons
Aegor Rivers
Daemon III

Quotes by Daena

I was born to ride a dragon.[1]

Quotes about Daena

Daena was Targaryen to the bone; strong, beautiful, willful. [1]

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