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Alias(es) Dagmer Cleftjaw
Title(s) Captain of Foamdrinker
Allegiance House Greyjoy
Culture(s) Ironborn
Book(s) A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows

Played by Ralph Ineson
TV series Season 1
Season 2

Dagmer, better known as Dagmer Cleftjaw, is the captain of the longship, Foamdrinker. He is remembered fondly by Theon Greyjoy.[1] Ralph Ineson plays Dagmer Cleftjaw in the TV Series.


Dagmer has snow white hair and a hideous scar. A longaxe blow had nearly killed him as a child, splintering his jaw, smashing his front teeth and left him four lips instead of two. He wears a shaggy beard, but the hair does not grow where the scar is.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Balon Greyjoy sent Dagmer to Old Wyk to raise the Stonehouses and the Drumms. After Dagmer was successful raising the houses, he was then ordered to accompany Theon on a raid to harry the Stony Shore.[3] During the raid on the Stony Shore, Theon ordered Dagmer to stay behind and defend the ships. Dagmer had laughed at that. [4]

When Theon returned from the scene of the massacre, Theon convinced Dagmer to follow his plan. Dagmer and Theon plan to take Winterfell. Dagmer would begin by attacking Torrhen's Square and drawing out the garrison from Winterfell. Then Theon would slip in and take the under-manned castle while the garrison was away.[5]

Dagmer besieged Torrhen's Square but was beat off by Ser Rodrik Cassel in the Battle of Torrhen's Square.[6]

References and Notes