Damon Darry

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House Darry.svg Ser
Damon Darry
House Darry.svg
Title Ser
Allegiance House Darry
Culture Rivermen

Damon Darry was a knight from House Darry.[1] He may have been a Lord of Darry.

Appearance and Character

Damon was well-armored, well-horsed, and well-trained.[1]


During the regency of Aegon III, Ser Tyland Lannister, the Hand of the King, sent fifty men with Ser Regis Groves of the Kingsguard to suppress the rabble of Alys Rivers at Harrenhal. Regis was joined at Castle Darry with another fifty men led by Ser Damon.[1]

Alys refused to surrender Harrenhal, however, and Regis was killed in the fighting which ensued. Only thirty-two of the king's men reached the safety of Darry. Alys sent another survivor as a messenger to Castle Darry, claiming he was cursed and doomed to die if anyone laughed at his message. Although Damon reassured the messenger, one of Lord Darry's men did laugh at the messenger's talk of dragons and the envoy is said to have abruptly choked to death. Lord Unwin Peake, one of the regents, discounted Damon's talk of sorcery.[1]


Lord Darry
Lady Darry


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