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... that the Port of Ibben, an icy port in the Shivering Sea, is lit by beacons burning whale oil?[1]

The facts (current collection)

First little fact: ... that the seat of the crannogmen is Greywater Watch?[2][3]

Second little fact: ... that Ellaria Sand, the paramour of Oberyn Martell, is the natural daughter of Lord Harmen Uller?[4][5][3]

Third little fact: ... that House Templeton may be distantly related to House Stark through Jocelyn Stark, a sister of Eddard Stark's grandfather, Edwyle?[6]

Fourth little fact: ... that the first Clegane was knighted because he saved Lord Tytos Lannister from a lioness and lost a leg and three dogs in the effort?[7]

Fifth little fact: ... that Robert I Baratheon's warhammer was made by Donal Noye?[8]

Sixth little fact: ... that the Brave Companions are a band of sellswords composed of criminals and outcasts from many nations?[9]

Seventh little fact: ... that the worship of the Drowned God predates the Andal invasion?[10]

Eighth little fact: ... that the deserter of the Night's Watch that Eddard Stark executes in the beginning of A Game of Thrones is Gared, one of the men who was with Ser Waymar Royce in the prologue?[11]

Ninth little fact: ... that Anguy, Thoros, and Sandor Clegane—the respective winners of the archery, melee, and jousting competitions during the Hand's tourney—are all present when Arya Stark visits the hollow hill?[12]

Tenth little fact: ... that when Sansa Stark was betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon, Petyr Baelish proposed betrothing Robb Stark to Myrcella Baratheon once she would came of age?[13]

Eleventh little fact: ... that Eddard Stark's grandfather was named Edwyle Stark?[14]

Twelfth little fact: ... that the Lannisters once owned a Valyrian sword called Brightroar?[15]

Thirteenth little fact: ... that Quhuru Mo, the captain of the Cinnamon Wind which transports Samwell Tarly and Maester Aemon from Braavos to Oldtown, is the same person who informed Daenerys Targaryen of Robert I Baratheon's death?[16][17][18]

Fourteenth little fact: ... that the Sand Snakes are the cousins of Rhaegar Targaryen's children, Aegon and Rhaenys?[19]

Fifteenth little fact: ... that the heir of a Dothraki khal is named the khalakka?[20][21][22][3]

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