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Dog is a dog that walks with Septon Meribald through the Riverlands. He keeps Septon Meribald safe upon the roads he traverses, even in trying times[1]. Neither wolf nor outlaw dare molest him when Dog is by his side. Dog has killed a dozen wolves[2]. According to Septon Meribald Dog must have a name, but he hasn’t told him what it is so he calls him Dog [3].


Meribald calls Dog his faithful servant and packs salt mutton for Dog on his donkey [4].

When spoken to Dog oft barks back. Dog likes to wag his tail.

Sometimes Dog strays or bounds ahead and leads the way; he seems to know the road as well as Meribald. However on the mudflats on the way to the Quiet Isle Dog stays near to Meribald’s heels sniffing at every rock, shell, and clump of seaweed as Meribald probes the way ahead with his quarterstaff [5].

The brothers on the Quiet Isle always have a bone to spare for Dog [6]. The gravedigger Brienne espies on the Quiet Isle drops his spade and scratches Dog behind his ear when he goes to sniff him [7]. At the Inn at the Crossroads Septon Meribald feeds two morsels of food to Dog for every one he eats himself [8].

Brienne hears Dog barking during her fight with Biter [9].

The fate of Dog is currently unknown.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Dog joins Septon Meribald, Brienne and her companions on Septon Meribald's circuit through the Riverlands.

References and Notes