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[[Category:Characters from the Dothraki Sea|Drogo, Khal]]
[[Category:Characters from the Dothraki Sea|Drogo, Khal]]
[[fr:Khal Drogo]]
[[fr:Khal Drogo]]

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Title Khal
Culture Dothraki
Died At Dothraki Sea
Spouse Daenerys Targaryen
Book(s) A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords

Khal Drogo was a rich and very powerful Dothraki chieftain (or khal). Before the age of thirty, Drogo led the largest khalasar horde in the Dothraki Sea, with forty thousand warriors, and had never been defeated. He owned a palace in Vaes Dothrak and a nine-towered mansion in Pentos, given to him by the magisters of the city to appease him. He married Daenerys Targaryen, promising to invade Westeros for her sake, but he died before the invasion could begin.

Recent Events

While Drogo was in Pentos, the canny Illyrio Mopatis arranged a marriage between him and Daenerys Targaryen, in return for Drogo providing Viserys Targaryen ten thousand cavalrymen to retake the Iron Throne.

Drogo and Daenerys's marriage became a surprisingly happy one. Though Drogo cut a ferocious figure before his men, he was tender to Daenerys on their wedding night. He also gifted her with a magnificent silver mare. As Daenerys learned to speak Dothraki, Drogo proved a quick study learning the common tongue of Westeros, though he retained a barbarous accent. Drogo's relationship with Viserys was not as pleasant. He quickly became scornful of Viserys's pushy demeanor and frequent transgressions of Dothraki taboos. When Viserys drew a forbidden blade in Vaes Dothrak, demanding his crown, Drogo killed him by upending a pot of molten gold over his head.

At Vaes Dothrak, the prophet-crones of the dosh khaleen proclaimed that Drogo and Daenerys's unborn child would be the Stallion that Mounts the World, a prophesied leader in Dothraki legend. Drogo began to reconsider his promise to invade Westeros until an assassin attempted to kill Daenerys and claim Robert Baratheon's reward. Drogo reaffirmed his commitment to conquer the Seven Kingdoms for his wife's sake. He pillaged several towns in Lhazar in order to harvest slaves to exchange for warships which would take his horde across the sea. While in Lhazar, Drogo's khalasar battled and defeated the rival khalasar of Khal Ogo. Drogo slew Ogo himself, but took a wound to the chest.

Though Drogo was unconcerned with his minor wound, Daenerys convinced him to let Mirri Maz Duur, a Lhazareen maegi (herb-woman) she had rescued, make him a poultice. The poultice itched, and Drogo tore it off, causing the wound to fester. Drogo's condition deteriorated until he fell from his horse, a symbol to his warriors that he could no longer lead them. As he lingered near death, Daenerys convinced Mirri Maz Duur to use her blood magic to preserve his life. The maegi betrayed her in revenge for the attack on her village, and the ritual only returned Drogo to a catatonic vegetable state, while causing their child Rhaego to die in Daenerys' womb. After Drogo would not wake up from this state, Daenerys smothered him with a pillow and built him a funeral pyre as his khalasar broke apart. She burned him on the pyre along with Mirri Maz Duur and entered the flames with her petrified dragon eggs. The flames magically traded life for life, killing Mirri, preserving Daenerys, and hatching the three dragons.


Drogo's skin was the color of copper, his hair and eyes were black, and he was very tall and graceful. He had a long, drooping mustache and wore his hair in a braid that came to his thighs, hung with tiny bells. His long braid had never been cut, signifying that he had never lost a fight.