Edric Storm

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The bastard son of King Robert Baratheon by Delena Florent, he was conceived on the night of the wedding feast for Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Florent. Adding to the insult, it was purported that the conception occurrred in the bed that was to be later employed by Stannis and his new wife for the ceremonial bedding.

As Delena was nobly born, Edric Storm was acknowledged by his father, and was reared in relative comfort at Storm's End under the guardianship of Ser Courtenay Penrose, Stannis' w:castellan, who was very fond of him.


As Stannis came under the sway of Melisandre, he still resisted her urgent calls to have him sacrificed in a night fire because of his royal blood.

He is a sturdily attractive youth, with coal-black hair and deep blue eyes common to the Baratheon line, although he has the slightly vulpine appearance of the Florents.