Edrick Stark

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Edrick Stark
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King Edrick Snowbeard
Full name Edrick Stark
Title King in the North
Personal Information
Alias Edrick Snowbeard
Buried At Winterfell
Race First Men
Culture Northmen
Dynasty House Stark
Issue Grandfather of Brandon Stark

Edrick Stark, known as Edrick Snowbeard, was a King in the North from House Stark.


Edrick ruled the north for almost a hundred years.[1] His reign was marked by quarrels between his descendants, as well as external threats from the ironborn, wildlings, and the Starks' ancient rivals, House Bolton. The outer walls of Winterfell were thus raised during Edrick's time.[2] Slavers from the Stepstones captured the Wolf's Den once Edrick grew feeble.[3] He is buried in the crypts beneath Winterfell.[4]