Elaena Targaryen

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Elaena Targaryen
Allegiance House Targaryen
Culture Valyrian

Elaena Targaryen was the youngest daughter of Aegon III Dragonbane.


According to non-canon sources, she was one of the infamous sisters locked in the Maidenvault by Baleor I at the age of 11. She was unhappy with her brother over that and cut off her famous braid in protest. She had three husbands during her life, however her the great love of her life was her cousin Alyn Velaryon, with whom she had two bastard children, Jon and Jeyne Waters.

She was known as shrewd and intelligent, to the point that even though her husband sat on the King`s Small Council as Master of the Coin, it was widely known that she was the one performing the duties.[1]


According to non-canon sources, she was not as pretty as her sisters, but her beauty matured as she got older. Her eyes were soft lilac and as a child, she wore her hair in a braid. However after cutting it off in retaliation against her brother, she wore her hair short for a while. Her hair was platinum-white with a gold streak down the middle, which she wore long, pulled back and in a braid. She liked to dress in black.[2]

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