Elinor Massey

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Elinor Massey
House Massey.svg
Allegiance House Massey
Culture Crownlands
Born In 103133 AC[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Elinor Massey was a member of House Massey during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen.[2]


Elinor was a possible marriage candidate for King Aegon III. She was one of the many maidens injured or scandalized, and suffered what was called the "Maiden's Day curse." Not long after the Maiden's Day Ball was announced, a tale of Elinor's deflowering was told and retold. It was possible that this was a rumor fabricated by Lord Unwin Peake, the Hand of the King, who wished to promote his own daughter as Aegon III's second queen.[2]


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