Estermont (cousin of Robert)

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House Estermont.svgEstermontHouse Estermont.svg
Allegiance House Estermont
Culture Stormlander
Born In around 262 AC
Spouse Deceased husband[1]
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

The Estermont female cousin of King Robert I Baratheon is a noblewoman of House Estermont.


She is chunky with breasts as big as melons.[1]


In her childhood, she played with the young Robert Baratheon.[1]

Both her husband and father died at Storm's End when the castle was besieged during the rebellion that made her cousin king. In the beginning of his reign, Robert stayed at Greenstone for a fortnight. During his visit, he consoled the young widow and bedded her.[1]


Her father was good to me, and she and I would play together when the two of us were small.[1]


There are different possibilities for the Estermont family tree; see House Estermont/Family Trees.