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Eustace Osgrey
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Eustace Osgrey.jpg
Eustace Osgrey, art by Mike S Miller

Alias The Knight of Standfast
Title Knight and Master of Standfast
Lord of Coldmoat
Allegiance House Osgrey
Culture Reach
Born At Standfast[1]
Died In 211219 AC[2]
Spouse 1st: Unknown
2nd: Lady Rohanne Webber
Issue Edwyn Osgrey
Harrold Osgrey
Addam Osgrey
Alysanne Osgrey
Book(s) The Sworn Sword (appears)

Eustace Osgrey was the knight of Standfast during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen. He had three sons and a daughter.[3]


Ser Eustace was tall, broad and handsome in his youth. As he grew older he was broad-shouldered, barrel-chested,[3] with strong, sharp features.[1] He wears a mustache and keeps his hair close-cropped.[3]


First Blackfyre Rebellion

Ser Eustace had been good friends with Lord Wyman Webber before the First Blackfyre Rebellion.[3] Eustace supported Daemon Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion, and seems to have believed the rumours about King Daeron II being a bastard, calling him "Daeron the Falseborn" years later.[3]

In the end the Rebellion failed and Eustace's three sons, Edwyn, Harrold and Addam were killed at the Battle of the Redgrass Field. When he returned home, he faced the decision of giving his daughter Alysanne over as hostage to the crown or dying himself.[3]

Aftermath of the Rebellion

Edwyn, Harrold and Addam were burried at Standfast. Eustace's daughter Alysanne was sent to King's Landing as a hostage and would stay there for the remainder of her life. Eustace went to visit her once, but she refused to speak with him.[3] Ultimately Alysanne died while working as a silent sister, during the Great Spring Sickness.[3] Eustace's wife committed suicide. This made Ser Eustace the last of his line.[3]

Recent Events

The Sworn Sword

When Ser Duncan the Tall and Ser Bennis discover the Chequy Water has been dammed by peasants of House Webber in 211 AC, Ser Bennis cuts one of them. Ser Eustace decides to pay a blood price to settle the matter, but has sworn never to set foot in Coldmoat ever again. He sends Ser Duncan, but he is rejected. Ser Eustace calls up the meagre amount of peasants at his disposal to begin training for war. However the truth about his choice of sides during the Blackfyre Rebellion comes out and Ser Duncan threatens to leave. However, a change of heart by Ser Duncan leads him to send the peasants home and with Ser Eustace and Egg, confront the forces of House Webber alone. They meet Lady Rohanne Webber at the Chequy Water, where she will not settle for Ser Duncan's slashed face as payment. A trial by battle is agreed upon and Ser Duncan prevails. After the battle, Ser Eustace and Lady Rohanne reconciled and are married shortly thereafter. Ser Eustace becomes Lord of Coldmoat.[3]