Falyse Stokeworth

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Falyse Stokeworth
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Culture Crownlands
Born In or before 264 AC[1]Stokeworth[2]
Died In 300 AC, the black cells of the Red Keep, King's Landing[3]
Mother Tanda Stokeworth
Spouse Ser Balman Byrch[4]

Lady Falyse Stokeworth is the heir of Lady Tanda Stokeworth of Stokeworth. She has been married to Ser Balman Byrch for ten years, but they remain childless.

Appearance and Character

Falyse has an acid tongue.[5] Cersei Lannister thinks to herself that Falyse not only looks like a fish but drinks like one too. She is fond of hippocras.[6] It is rumored that her husband shuns her bed for maidens.[7]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Falyse remains at the court of King Joffrey I Baratheon after the beginning of hostilities with the North. She attends the tourney for King Joffrey I's thirteenth name day with her mother, Lady Tanda and her sister, Lollys.[5] Falyse arrives in King's Landing with a small troop of soldiers the day before the Battle of the Blackwater. She stays in Maegor's Holdfast during the battle with her sister and mother.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Falyse attends the funeral of Lord Tywin Lannister with her husband, Ser Balman Byrch,[9] but is not in King's Landing for the wedding of King Tommen I Baratheon to Lady Margaery Tyrell.[10] After the birth of Lollys's bastard son, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister believes Ser Bronn to be a traitor because he names the child Tyrion. While traveling from Stokeworth to King's Landing, Falyse is refused hospitality at Rosby by the ward of Lord Gyles Rosby and is also disturbed by sparrows on the road. Once Falyse returns to the capital, Cersei plots with Falyse and her husband, attempting to use them as her tools to get rid of Bronn.[6]

The plan backfires when Ser Balman challenges Ser Bronn to single combat, and Bronn kills Balman in an unchivalrous manner. Bronn hits Falyse and orders her gone. She returns to King's Landing, pleading with Cersei to give her the men to retake her castle. Cersei, fearing that the failure of the plot would undermine her position, gives Falyse to Qyburn instead and tells him that Falyse should never see the light of day again.[11] When Cersei contemplates sending Falyse back to Castle Stokeworth to reclaim it from Bronn, Qyburn tells her that she is not able to feed herself, much less rule.[12]

A Dance with Dragons

Falyse dies screaming in the black cells due to Qyburn's torture and experiments.[3]


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