Fight at the Fist

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Battle of the Fist of the First Men
Conflict Conflict Beyond the Wall
Date +/- 299 AC
Place Fist of the First Men
Result Others victory
Night's Watch Others
Lord Commander Jeor Mormont unknown
300 men Hundreds ++
Thoren Smallwood+
Ottyn Wythers+

The Battle of the Fist of the First Men was a lopsided loss for the Night's Watch. Taking place on the Fist of the First Men beyond the the Wall, the Night's Watch was unable to defend against the wights that were sent against them.


Lord Commander Jeor Mormont led three hundred men Expedition beyond the wall, with two hundred men from Castle Black and the rest from the Shadow Tower in search of the wildlings and if possible, to discover the whereabouts of Benjen Stark. Finding neither, Lord Commander Mormont chose the Fist of the First Men, an ancient ringfort, as his base of operations while he sent out scouting parties in search of information. From here, Mormont hoped to stop any march on the Wall, and strengthened their defenses, with spikes and pits, caltrops scattered on the slopes, with a ring of watchers around the camp and along the river, to warn of any approach.


While waiting for the last of the search parties to return to decide on a plan of action regarding the Wildlings, the Watch were attacked by hundreds of wights. Their volleys of arrows had no effect against the undead attackers and Mormont ordered them to use fire arrows, slowing the wights but not stopping them. The Watch was quickly overrun, but Mormont was able to form up about fifty survivors to break out of the Fist.[1]


The majority of the men of the Night's Watch who fought on the Fist were dead. The survivors Mormont led out made a grim march back to Craster's Keep. There, Lord Commander Mormont was betrayed by his men and killed during a mutiny.[2]

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