Fight by Deepwood Motte

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Retaking of Deepwood Motte
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 300 AC
Place Deepwood Motte
Result House Baratheon of Dragonstone Victory
House Baratheon of Dragonstone
Mountain Clans: Flint, Norrey, Wull, Liddle
House Mormont
House Greyjoy
Stannis Baratheon
Alysane Mormont
Asha Greyjoy
1500 Southron soldiers
3500 Mountain Clansmen
Less than 200
4 longships
unknown all but nine

The Retaking of Deepwood Motte was an event in the late stages of the War of the Five Kings during Stannis Baratheon's attempt to gain the Northmens' allegience by driving the invading Ironborn out of the region.


Stannis Baratheon, under the advice of Jon Snow, goes west to take Deepwood Motte, held by the Ironborn under Asha Greyjoy. While moving through the mountains, Stannis wins the support of the mountain clans Flint, Wull, Norrey and Liddle, who remain loyal to the legacy of Ned and Robb Stark.


Stannis, now with an additional 3,500 men, attacks Deepwood Motte. Asha, seeing she is outnumbered, decides to retreat back to her longships, under cover of darkness. They march all night and light no fires and cover, they think, good ground. However the retreat of the Ironborn is slowed due to the unfamiliar territory and darkness. The Northmen by comparison know the woods well and are not hindered in the same way. The Northmen sneak up on the Ironborn, slaying their sentries and closing in around them. The Ironborn fight back fiercely, but they are surrounded and outnumbered. Eventually they are all subdued. Quenton and Dagon the Drunkard, distant Greyjoy cousins, are both slain. Meanwhile, Alysane Mormont hid fighters in fishing sloops is able to sneak up on the longships off the strand, capturing or burning them.


Stannis takes several of the ironborn captive, including Asha Greyjoy. He frees Sybelle Glover and returns Deepwood Motte to House Glover. This wins Stannis much popular support in the North, with House Glover and it's vassal houses as well as House Mormont declaring for him afterwards.