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A wildling is, by definition, any person that lives north of the Wall, although they refer to themselves as the Free Folk. These people are viewed as barbarians by those south of the Wall, people viewed by the wildlings as weak and soft. There are tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of wildlings split into hundreds of tribes, clans, villages and raiding parties. Some, such as the Thenn, live in tightly knit communities while others are seminomadic loners, held down only by their own needs. While there is often conflict between the wildlings and the "crows" of the Night's Watch, the two groups are not beyond some form of cooperation, as lost Brothers have been aided by wildlings and the Watch is not beyond taking wildling children and raising them to be Brothers of the Watch. In recent times, there was a lot of activity north of the wall as a wildling-born deserter of the Brotherhood, Mance Rayder, gathered wildling forces around him. His party attacked the Wall but was defeated by the Night's Watch and Stannis Baratheon's army.

Known Wildlings

  • Mance Rayder, known as the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Captured after the Battle of Castle Black and later burned at the stake by Stannis Baratheon.
  • Craster, held a keep near the Wall and gave begrudging aid to rangers. Murdered along with Lord Commander Jeor Mormont by rangers after the battle on The Fist of First Men.
  • Dalla, wife of Mance Rayder. Died in childbirth after the Battle of Castle Black.
  • Harma, called "Dogshead", an infamous female raider andcynophobe. Killed during the Battle of Castle Black.
  • The Lord of Bones, mocked by rangers (and some wildlings) as "Rattleshirt", a sadistic raider who wears armor made of bone. Captured after the Battle of Castle Black.
  • Orell, a raider and skinchanger. He was killed by Jon Snow while his mind inhabited an eagle. A part of his consciousness became permanently trapped in the eagle, causing it to hate Jon Snow.
  • Osha, wildling woman taken captive by forces of House Stark south of the Wall. Spared execution in exchange for service, she became a guardian and companion to Rickon Stark.
  • Styr, the Magnar of Thenn, chieftain of the Thenns, a warlike wildling tribe. Killed during the Battle of Castle Black.
  • Tormund, known as "Giant's Bane", among other things, a raider prone to tall tales.
  • Val, sister of Dalla. Imprisoned after the Battle of Castle Black.
  • Varamyr "Sixskins", a diminutive skinchanger who is accompanied by three wolves, a snowbear and a shadowcat. After Orell's death, Varamyr took control of his eagle and used it to scout during the battle of Castle Black. Melisandre killed the eagle while Varamyr inhabited it, causing him to go mad.
  • Ygritte, red-haired lover to Jon Snow. Killed in the Battle of Castle Black.

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