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The Frey Pies Theory is that Wyman Manderly killed three Freys (Rhaegar Frey,Symond Frey, and Jared Frey) that disappeared on the way from White Harbor to Winterfell and baked them into the three Huge meat pies he brought for the Wedding at Winterfell.

  • It was inferred that he would kill them on the trip to Winterfell in Lord Wymam's statement to Davos Seaworth about his giving a guest gift to the Freys so ending their guest right.
  • Their disappearance after leaving with Lord Wyman points to his having them killed.
  • There are 3 pies one for each of the missing Freys.
  • When the pies are served at the wedding Lord Wyman cuts portions to the Boltons and Freys and asks AbelAbel to sing of the Rat Cook.