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Galazza Galare
Title Green Grace
Allegiance House of Galare
Culture Ghiscari
Born In c. 220 AL [1] [2]Meereen
Book A Dance with Dragons (Appears)

Galazza Galare is the Ghiscari high priestess of Meereen. She is known as the Green Grace.


She is a tall graceful looking woman despite being near eighty years old.

Barristan Selmy estimates Galazza to be at least twenty years older than him. If true, Galazza is in her eighties. [1]

Her hair is white and her skin parchment-thin, but the years have not dimmed her eyes. They are a piercing green, matching the color of her robes as a Green Grace. Daenerys Targaryen thinks they are sad eyes, full of wisdom. [3] [4] She typically wears green robes and a veil. [3] When wearing the veil, most of her face is hidden from prying eyes. Only her eyes remain visible. [4] [5] [1] Her voice sounds soft and kind. [4] Barristan Selmy notices an aura of wisdom and dignity surrounding her. [1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

After Daenerys Targaryen takes Meereen, Galazza becomes one of her advisors. Daenerys initially wants to ban the use of tokar in her city. Galazza convinces her otherwise, insisting that Daenerys herself has to dress in tokars or be forever hated. She claims that the Ghiscari population of Meereen still sees Daenerys as a "barbarian conqueror" and a "grotesque outlander". And that it will continue to do so as long as the queen wears the wools of Westeros or the lace of Myr. According to Galazza, the queen of Meereen should appear as a lady of Old Ghis. [6] Brown Ben Plumm agrees with her assessment of the situation. [6]

Galazza and Reznak mo Reznak keep urging Daenerys to choose a consort among the Meereenese nobles. Suggesting this as a method to reconcile the city to her rule. [6] Daenerys finds the support of Galazza to be invaluable to her rule. She considers the priestess to serve as a voice for peace, acceptance, and obedience to lawful authority. [6]

Daenerys holds court in the Hall of the the Great Pyramid. One of the petitioners for this day is Grazdan zo Galare, a cousin of Galazza. Daenerys decides to give his petition a respectful hearing, mostly because of his relation to her trusted advisor. [6] Daenerys is less pleased when she actually hears the petition. Grazdan complains that some of his former slaves have opened their own weaving shop. Using skills which he had trained them for. He considers that they owe him and demands a portion of their earnings. When Grazdan fails to even recall the name of the old slave who trained them, Daenerys refuses to grant his request. She instead fines him with the purchase of a new loom for his former slaves.[6]

Galazza, Reznak, Skahaz mo Kandaq, and Belwas are all in favor of the petition to re-open the fighting pits, though each for his own reasons. Galazza claims that the reopening would please the gods. [7] In the Temple of the Graces, Galazza attempts to educate Daenerys in the economic history of Meereen. The Ghiscari hills are reportedly rich in copper. Copper once served as a significant resource, when the metal was considered valuable. But this is no longer the case. [8] [9] Cedars used to grow along the coast of Slaver's Bay. But these trees were either chopped down by the Ghiscari Empire or burned down during its wars with the Valyrian Freehold. She attributes the flames which completed the deforestation to the dragons of the Valyrians. [8] The ancient forests were replaced by dry land. Where they once stood, there was only sun-baked soil and dust storms. [8] [10] Following these "calamities", Meereen no longer had valuable resources of its own. Only then did the slave trade become the basis of their economy. Galazza concludes that it was the calamities and the seeming lack of alternatives which turned the Meereenese into slavers. [8] While Daenerys agrees with this conclusion of Galazza, she swears to turn these slavers back into people. [8]

Two of the Cupbearers are cousins to Galazza: Qezza and Grazdar. [3] Galazza arrives at the Great Pyramid to meet with Daenerys. The priestess is accompanied by a dozen White Graces. Daenerys finds the image of the proud old woman attended by innocent little girls to be pretty. She invites Galazza to a private supper. [3] Daenerys chooses to have Grazdar and Qezza serve the food and drinks at her table. Allowing Galazza to see that her kin are treated well. Galazza kisses her younger cousins and asks whether they are well-behaved. The queen praises both children, an act which seems to please Galazza. The priestess says that she also hopes to please Daenerys. [3]

Galazza notes that Daenerys looks weary, she then asks whether the queen is sleepless. Daenerys admits that the enemy ships outside Meereen trouble her even in her sleep. She lists three galleys from Qarth, three galleys from New Ghis, and a carrack from Tolos. The queen asks Galazza to pray to her gods for assistance, for a gale to sweep the enemy galleys. Galazza promises to pray and sacrifice to the gods of Ghis. But then turns the conversation to the "storms" raging within the city walls, the activities of Sons of the Harpy. She has already heard about the death of more freedmen. Daenerys admits that three freedwomen died, all weavers. The queen proceeds to mention some details about their deaths. Galazza claims to have already heard about these details, but does not specify her source on the subject. [3]

Galazza notes that Daenerys has answered butchery with mercy, as all hostages from the noble families of Meereen remain unharmed. Daenerys admits to her reluctance to kill her Cupbearers, joking that she needs them to serve her wine and supper. Galazza fails to smile and mentions that Skahaz thinks otherwise. The priestess mentions that her fellow advisor would pay "a life for a life". For every murdered man of of the Brazen Beasts, one Cupbearer would be executed. Daenerys feebly explains that she does not hold the children responsible for the murders. She is reluctant to kill innocents and to become a "butcher queen". [3] With this indirect reference to Cleon, the Butcher King of Astapor, the conversation briefly turns to events of that city. Galazza mentions that Meereen is thankful that Daenerys does not emulate Cleon. She has heard that Cleon is dead but seems to know no further details. Daenerys mentions the current rulers and situation of Astapor. [3]

Galazza asks permission to offer her counsel to the queen. She then presses Daenerys to marry, an advise which the queen was already expecting from her. Galazza argues that Daenerys still looks like a child, too young and frail to face all the burdens of power on her own. She insists that a king and consort for Daenerys could share the responsibility. Daenerys remains unconvinced, mentioning problems which would not be easily resolved by any mortal. Galazza admits that a a king is not a god. But he can still be a strong man. [3] Galazza then explains how Daenerys is perceived by the Ghiscari population of Meereen. As a conqueror from across the seas, striving to murder them and to enslave their children. While the population would accept a highborn king of pure Ghiscari blood, reconciling the city to Daenerys' rule. She warns that Daenerys' reign started in "blood and fire" and could still end in the same way, if Daenerys refuses to listen. [3]

Daenerys asks for the identity of the king and consort chosen by the gods of Ghis, already certain that the priestess has someone specific in mind. Galazza names her chosen candidate king: Hizdahr zo Loraq. Daenerys admits that Hizdahr is highborn, but points that Skahaz is also a noble. Galazza notes that Daenerys fails to understand the difference between the House of Loraq and House of Kandaq, but this difference exists and is evident to the Ghiscari. Galazza mentions illustrious ancestors of Daenerys: Aegon I Targaryen, Jaehaerys I Targaryen and Daeron I Targaryen. She then lists illustrious ancestors of Hizdahr: Mazdhan zo Loraq, Hazrak zo Loraq and Zharaq zo Loraq. Implying that they both originate from famous bloodlines and should be a match for each other. [3] Daenerys remains unimpressed. Pointing that all these illustrious ancestors remain dead. She has need ships and swords, not of the shades of the dead. Galazza explains that the Ghiscari are an old people and ancestors remain important to their society. She again asks the queen to marry Hizdahr. To give birth to a son who could unite the two bloodlines and fulfill the prophecies, melting the enemies like snow. While Daenerys is not familiar with the prophecies which Galazza has in mind, she fears they are equivalent to the Stallion Who Mounts the World. [3]

Daenerys contemplates marrying Hizdahr and then asks what does her prospective husband think of this plan. Galazza suggests that the queen could ask him in person, informing Daenerys that Hizdhar already waits outside. Daenerys finds the priestess overly presumptuous and has to control her anger. But she forces herself to smile and agrees to meet Hizdahr. While Daenerys waits for the suitor to appear, Galazza finishes her meal and asks permission to leave. Allowing the would-be couple to converse in private. She kisses her young cousins goodbye and wears her veil again. She claims to be returning to the Temple of the Graces, where she is to pray for the gods to guide the queen towards the course of wisdom. [3]

Daenerys converses with Hizdahr. She summarizes the arguments of Galazza in favor of a marriage pact between them to a simple idea. That should the marriage take place, all her woes will vanish. Hizdahr disagrees with this claim of the priestess. Pointing that the living strive and suffer, while all woes only vanish in death. [3] Daenerys worries that Galazza may have allied with Hizdahr and Reznak. And that all three could be setting a trap for her. [3] Later, Daenerys converses with Barristan Selmy. She admits that Galazza has a point, that Meereen will not accept her rule as an "uncouth barbarian". She will have to take a consort of old Ghiscari blood to win the city's acceptance. Selmy argues that her place is not in Meereen, but in Westeros. [3] To Daario Naharis, Daenerys initially only mentions her supper with Galazza. Leaving the subject of their conversation and any mention of Hizdahr. She claims to have had an urgent need of Galazza's "wise counsel". [3] When Daenerys does mentions the plans of the priestess to marry her to Hizdahr, Daario is not impressed. He disparages Hizdahr as a eunuch and compares his rival to Grey Worm. [3]

One evening, Galazza and Grey Worm jointly request an audience with the queen. Daenerys decides to meet them at the Hall of the Great Pyramid. She instructs Irri to also summon Skahaz and Reznak. Galazza had already informed Irri that they bring news concerning Astapor. The priestess is escorted by three Blue Graces. Grey Worm and one of the Blue Graces narrate the story of an unnamed refugee from this city. The feverous man kept shouting that Astapor is burning, before succumbing to his illness. Daenerys suggests that it was the fever talking, leaving uncertain the actual fate of Astapor. Galazza praises the queen for speaking wisely.[11] Galazza allows one of the Graces, Ezzara, to report directly to the queen. The report concerns the symptoms of the disease which killed the refugee from Astapor. Galazza focuses on a key symptom, that the man was bleeding from the bowels. She insists that this man was sent by the gods, chosen to serve as a harbinger and as a sign of wroth and fury. [11] With the report over, Galazza prepares to leave the Pyramid. She first kisses the fingers of Daenerys as a parting gesture. Galazza says that she and her Graces will be praying for Astapor. [11] The illness of the refugee is the first known incident of a new epidemic, the so-called Pale Mare. [11]

Daenerys personally delivers supplies to an Astapori refugee camp. After the delivery, Missandei reminds Daenerys of her arranged meeting with Galazza and Reznak. Called to discuss wedding preparations. The queen dresses in a tokar to please the two advisors. They are happy to see Daenerys dressed as a proper Meereenese lady. But then explain to Daenerys a wedding custom which they claim is a prerequisite for a marriage. According to the custom, the bride has to present herself naked to the female relatives of the groom. [4] While Reznak explains the details of the custom, Galazza explains its purpose in establishing the fertility of the bride. She describes it as an ancient ritual. She assures Daenerys that three Graces will be present to witness the examination and recite the proper prayers. [4]

Daenerys refuses to obey this and certain other wedding customs of Meereen. She turns to Galazza and suggests using Westerosi rites in the wedding. Galazza explains that the marriage would then be illegitimate in the eyes of the gods of Ghis. The Ghiscri population of the city would not see Daenerys as the lawful wedded wife of Hizdahr, but as his concubine. Any children resulting from their union would be considered bastards. Galazza insists that the wedding must take place in the Temple of the Graces with all the Meereenese nobility there to serve as witnesses. [4] Daenerys is suitably convinced to marry in the Temple, wrapped in a tokar fringed with baby pearls. As Reznak had suggested. She still refuses to follow certain of the wedding riduals, but Galazza does not press her on the subject. [4]

Reznak suggests a fitting wedding gift for the groom, the re-opening of the fighting pits. It would also serve as a symbol that Daenerys embraces the ancient ways and customs of her city. Galazza supports his proposal, claiming the gesture would please the gods. [4] Later, Daenerys narrates the events of this meeting to Hizdahr. Who dismisses the suggestions of Reznak and Galarra as "empty rituals" and "foolish old traditions". [4]

In the days prior to her wedding, Daenerys has a meeting with Galazza. She later recalls that it "had not gone well". The two women likely argue, and Daenerys remembers the priestess scolding her. [5] Two nights prior to her wedding, Daenerys has a sexual encounter with Daario. In the morning, the queen holds court in the Hall of the Great Pyramid. Galazza steps forward as the first petitioner of the day. A large crowd of other petitioners do not protest to the priestess claiming precedence. Galazza requests a private hearing. Daenerys remembers their last meeting and denies the request. Claiming in public that she has no time for private hearings. An excuse supposed to convince the crowd. [5]

Galazza speaks of the "presumption of a certain sellsword captain". She avoids naming Daario, though Daenerys gets the message. Daenerys feels that Galazza has courage to make such a statement in open court. But she is still angry with the priestess and in no mood to get another scolding. She pretends that Galazza is talking about another mercenary captain, Brown Ben Plumm, who had recently defected to the forces of Yunkai. She then instructs Galazza to return to the Temple of Graces and pray for peace. While Galazza does not protest this dismissal, she states that she will be praying for Daenerys. The queen feels as if being slapped and reprimanded for her behavior. The crowd seemingly fails to understand the nature of their conversation. [5]

The following day, the wedding procession of Daenerys approaches the Temple of the Graces. Galazza waits for them outside the temple doors, surrounded by other Graces. Daenerys takes note of the White Graces, Pink Graces, Red Graces, Blue Graces, Gold Graces, and Purple Graces waiting for her. She is painfully aware that there are fewer Graces than she remembered. Several of them have fallen victim to the Pale Mare. [5] Galazza leads Daenerys and Hizdahr into the Temple. The wedding ceremony takes place inside the Temple and lasts four hours. [5]

Following the wedding, Hizdahr insists on removing Skahaz from the command of the Brazen Beasts. Skahaz is replaced with Marghaz zo Loraq, a cousin of Hizdahr. Galazza explains the reasons for this decision, citing bad blood between Houses Loraq and Kandaq. Daenerys has to admit that Skahaz openly disdains Hizdahr, so there is no reason for Hizdahr to keep him in power. [12] Galazza attends the games celebrating the re-opening of the fighting pits. She and her Graces are seated on a side of Daznak's Pit. Seemingly facing the box reserved for Daenerys, Hizdahr, and their entourage. [13] Daenerys is able to distinguish Galazza from the other Graces even from a distance. All priestesses are dressed in flowing robes of many colors, but only the high priestess wears green. The other Graces seem to cluster around the austere figure of their leader. [13]

Daenerys faces Drogon in the pit. The dragon flies away with the queen. Following Daenerys' disappearance, Hizdahr becomes the sole ruler of Meereen. Several loyalists of the queen refuse to serve him. Others are dismissed from service. [13] [14] Galazza is among the few royal advisors to remain in service. [15] Barristan Selmy and Skahaz meet and conspire in the armory of the Great Pyramid, plotting against Hizdahr. They also plan to free the hostages held by the Yunkai'i. Skahaz eventually changes the subject to executing hostages of their own, the Cupbearers. He describes them as "Children of the Harpy". He lists Grazdar and Qezza first among them, as they are they are kin to the Green Grace. Unclear if he considers Galazza personally connected to the Sons of the Harpy. [15] Selmy reacts negatively, not thrilled with the idea of killing children. He explains to Skahaz about an incident which still haunts him, the murders of Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen. Skahaz chuckles at the sensitivity of the stubborn old man. He argues that the sweet Cupbearers will grow to become Sons of the Harpy. [15]

During the day, Hizdahr consults with his Meereenese advisors. Galazza, Reznak, and Marghaz zo Loraq all serve in his council. While Selmy is excluded. [15] Selmy and Skahaz depose Hizdahr in a successful coup d'état. [15] [1] Selmy sends Galazza to negotiate with the Yunkai'i, though Skahaz had opposed the idea of using her as their negotiator. Galazza herself does not embrace her task. She only accepts to do so for the sake of peace. But insists that Hizdahr is better suited for negotiation with the Wise Masters. Barristan refuses to change his mind. So, Galazza bows her head and swears to do her best. [1]

Her stated mission is to bargain for the release of their hostages (Hero, Jhogo, and Daario Naharis). Galazza has been authorized to offer gold in exchange of the hostages, each man's weight in gold. [1] Selmy instructs Galazza to present this offer to a gathering of all enemy commanders. While the Wise Masters neither want nor need the gold, their mercenaries are likely to support the deal. Creating division in the enemy ranks. A strategy suggested by Missandei. Selmy finds Missandei's strategy reminiscent of both Petyr Baelish (whose plans included bribes) and Varys (whose plans included fostering division in the enemy ranks). [1]

Three days following the coup, Galazza has yet to return to the city. Skahaz informs Selmy on the subject. [1] The Ruling council of Meereen meets to discuss matters. Selmy informs his fellow members that Galazza has been send to negotiate with the Yunkishmen. Selmy expects her to return by the noon of this day. [1] Several council members expect the mission to fail. The Widower believes the priestess will only return with the empty words of the Yunkai'i. Skahaz also expects the priestess to accomplish nothing. He also openly questions her loyalty to then, suggesting that she may be conspiring with the enemy. [1] Marselen and Symon Stripeback believe that the wealthy Wise Masters will not be tempted by more gold. [1]

Hours later, Selmy returns to the Apex of the Great Pyramid. He instructs Grazdar and Azzak to guard the door. Informing them that he is expecting Galazza. They are instructed to show her in at once when she arrives. All others should not be allowed to enter. Selmy has Bhakaz zo Loraq deliver wine to him. But the Hand of the Queen is reluctant to drink more than watered down wine. He wants to be in full control of his wits when Galazza returns. [1]

Galazza arrives as expected. She is attended by four Pink Graces. [1] Galazza requests permission to sit, complaining about her old and weary bones. Selmy offers her a chair and something to drink. Galazza welcomes some refreshment. Complaining that her throat is dry from talking. She suggests some juice and Kezmya serves her lemon juice. [1] Selmy thanks the priestess for her services in the name of the absent Daenerys. Galazza asks for any further tidings of the missing queen. Selmy replies that there are no tidings. Galazza claims that she will be praying for Daenerys, then asks permission to see the captive Hizdahr. Selmy does not allow her to do so yet, though he vaguely promises a visit in due time. [1]

Galazza reports that the Wise Masters demand the release of Hizdahr and his restoration to power. Selmy denies the request, but takes the opportunity to offer Galazza a seat in the ruling council. He expects the members to have need of her wisdom. Galazza dismisses the praises of her wisdom as empty courtesies. Since Selmy still refuses to listen to her advise and restore Hizdahr to the throne. [1] Galazza sighs and describes the grim situation around them. The truce between Meereen and Yunkai is increasingly fragile. Death stalks the streets of Meereen, riding the Pale Mare. Dragons haunt the skies and feast on the flesh of children. Refugees leave Meereen on ship, sailing for Yunkai, Tolos, Qarth, and any other city willing to have them. The pyramid of the House of Hazkar has collapsed into a smoking ruin. Many members of the House are dead and their corpses have yet to be retrieved for burial. The pyramids of the Houses Uhlez and Yherizan have become dragons' lairs. Surviving members of these Houses have become homeless beggars. The Ghiscari population of Meereen has despaired and abandoned its gods. Many of them currently devote their nights to drunkenness and fornication. [1]

Selmy informs her that others devote their nights to murder. During her absence, the Sons of the Harpy went back in action and claimed at least thirty lives. This seems to be news to her. But she offers it as one more reason to release Hizdahr. In her view, he stopped their killing spree before and can do so again. Selmy, however, wonders Hizdahr is the Harpy (the supposed leader of this organization). He accuses Hizdahr of being behind the plot with the poisoned locusts. Galazza defends Hizdahr as a man of peace, and a nobleman who would never soil his hands with poison. Selmy wonders whether she knows the actual poisoner. [1]

She returns with the Yunkai's response: war.


Wed Hizdahr zo Loraq and make a son with him, a son whose father is the harpy, whose mother is the dragon. In him the prophecies shall be fulfilled, and your enemies will melt away like snow. [3]

Quotes about Galazza

The old woman's hair was white and her skin was parchment thin, but the years had not dimmed her eyes. They were as green as her robes; sad eyes, full of wisdom. [3]

Daenerys Targaryen

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