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Gareth Long
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Gareth Long was a knight and master-at-arms in the service of House Peake during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen. It is unconfirmed if he was from House Long, a family from the north.


While a skilled swordsman, Gareth was a harsh taskmaster. He sternly punished any boy whom he instructed who did not meet his standards.[1]


Ser Gareth served Lord Unwin Peake as the master-at-arms at Starpike in the Reach. When Unwin became Hand of the King, he made Gareth the new master-at-arms of the Red Keep. Gareth trained King Aegon III Targaryen, a sullen student who often ignored instructions or refused to cooperate. Since Gareth was not allowed to harm the king, he advised Lord Peake to make Aegon's friend, Gaemon Palehair, the king's whipping boy. Gareth quickly became despised in the Red Keep, especially by the king.[1] Gareth's regard of Aegon improved slightly after the king wed his second wife, Queen Daenaera Velaryon.[2]

Gareth remained in King's Landing after Lord Peake resigned as Hand in 134 AC.[2] During the secret siege in 135 AC, Gareth's entreaty for Aegon to leave Maegor's Holdfast only angered the king. Lord George Graceford named Gareth as an accomplice to a plot against House Rogare in the capital. The master-at-arms never denied the charges, claiming Aegon was a weakling unfit to sit the Iron Throne. He also accused Ser Victor Risley, the King's Justice, of being a conspirator.[3]

Gareth and George were condemned to death, but both were allowed to join the Night's Watch. Victor instead demanded a trial by combat, so his accuser, Gareth, was chosen to face him before leaving for the Wall. Gareth promptly killed Victor in the throne room. Ser Lucas Lothston replaced Gareth as master-at-arms at the Red Keep.[3]

Quotes by Gareth

You always were a bloody fool, Victor.[3]

—Gareth to Victor Risley

Quotes about Gareth

You may beat poor Gaemon's bones, but you will get no more blood from him.[3]

Aegon III Targaryen to Gareth


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