Gawen Swann

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Gawen Swann
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Title Ser
Lord of Stonehelm
Allegiance House Swann
Culture Marcher
Born In 152 AC or before[1], at Stonehelm[2]
Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)

Lord Gawen Swann was Lord of Stonehelm and head of House Swann during the reign of Daeron II Targaryen.


By 209 AC, Gawen was an old man. During the tourney at Ashford Meadow that year, Lord Gawen's armor, cloak, and horse bardings were a riot of black and white as well, down to the stripes on his scabbard and lance.


Lord Gawen's fool named Matarys Targaryen the "Even Younger Prince".[3]

Lord Gawen participated in the tourney at Ashford Meadow in 209 AC, where he challenged Prince Valarr Targaryen. Gawen yielded after falling from the saddle in the second run.[3]