Gerris Drinkwater

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Gerris Drinkwater
Alias Drink
Dornish Gerrold
Title Ser
Allegiance House Drinkwater
Culture Dornishmen
Born In 276 AL
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (Appears)

Ser Gerris Drinkwater is a member of House Drinkwater and a long-time friend of Prince Quentyn Martell who accompanies him on his journey to Meereen.


Gerris is tall and lean and comely, with blue-green eyes and sandy hair. He has a swordsman's grace and a courtier's wit. His confidence often close to arrogance. [1] Barristan Selmy describes Gerris as "false coin" thinking Gerris shallow. [2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Quentyn and his companions reach Volantis, Gerris pretends to be a wine merchant looking for a ship to take him and his two servants to Meereen. Every captain they tried to convince to take them on this journey refused and at the end they are forced to seek passage on the smuggler's ship Adventure. They abandon the plan to reach Daenerys by sea for the less dangerous plan that Gerris comes up with. They are to join the Windblown and this way reach the Queen.[1]

Among the mercenaries Gerris is known as Dornish Gerrold or Drink since Ser Archibald Yronwood slipped and called him that. The Windblown are on their way to join the forces that are to fight against Daenerys. As Quentyn, Gerris and Yronwood were planning how to desert the mercenaries, the Tattered Prince, the leader of the Windblown summons them. At first they believe that they are discovered but soon it becomes clear that the mercenary captain has other plans for them. They have to join a group of Westerosi, all of them part of the company, pretending that they want to leave the Tattered Prince and fight for Daenerys not against her. With this move the Tattered Prince wants to make sure that if the events turn unfortunate he will be still on the winning side. [3]

Once they reach Meereen[4] and present themselves to Daenerys, Gerris is the first one to say his real name. He gets angry as Daario Naharis started mocking Quentyn and even tries to convince Daenerys that it's not too late to abandon her marriage to Hizdahr zo Loraq and go back to Westeros. The Queen however does not accept Quentyn's proposition and a few times urges the Dornish envoy to go back to Westeros.[5][6]

Later Barristan Selmy notes that if Gerris was the prince the events may have turned in complete different direction since he is more attractive than Quentyn. Although Ser Barristan advises the three Dornishmen to go back to Westeros and forget about the pact,[7] Gerris mocks his words saying that they are not afraid of Hizdahr or anyone else and Quentyn turns the friendly advice of the old knight down.

Quentyn hopes that since he has dragon blood in his veins he would be able to tame at least one of Dany's dragons. Although Gerris is against his prince's plan and tries to convince him not to go to the dragons, Quentyn is fully determined to do it. They turn once again to the Westerosi mercenaries they previously betrayed and Gerris buys them this time to fight on Quentyn's side and help him seize the dragons.[8] Nothing turns out as the Prince of Dorne expected and Viserion attacks Quentyn. Garris and Yronwood try to warn him but it is too late.[9] The guards arrest both Dornishmen but neither of them resists. Gerris is so shocked by what happened with his prince that he drops his sword the moment the guards appear.

When Ser Barristan comes to see the Dornish prisoners, Gerris blames Daenerys for what had happened with Quentyn and that her actions forced the prince to risk his life in order to win her. Selmy tells them that they are to be hanged but he could help them and arrange a ship for them to take Quentyn's bones to Dorne. The only demand he has is for the Dornishmen to go to the Tattered Prince and to tell him that Ser Barristan will pay what he wants if the mercenary captain delivers him the Meereen prisoners that are in the Yunkish camp. Although Gerris seems to be reluctant to accept this offer, Yronwood accepts for both of them.[2]

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