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The Gift is the area in the North stretching fifty leagues south from the Wall that was given to the Night's Watch in perpetuity to support and aid the Watch.[1] The eastern lands of the Gift consist of large rolling plans that reach the Shivering Sea, while the western regions, which end at the Bay of Ice, are increasingly forested and mountainous.[2]


Brandon's Gift

A Brandon Stark, usually mentioned as Bran the Builder but sometimes another Brandon, gave the land up to twenty-five leagues south of the Wall to the Night's Watch for their sustenance and support.[1]

New Gift

Thousands of years later Queen Alysanne visited the Wall with her dragon, Silverwing. She held the Night's Watch in great esteem and convinced her husband, King Jaehaerys I, to double the land, extending it out a further twenty-five leagues. The new territory was called the New Gift.[1] The villages that existed on the New Gift payed their taxes in goods and labor to the Night's Watch, helping feed and provide food for the brothers. Queenscrown sits in the New Gift.[1]


The wildlings or free folk often raid the Gift to raid, steal, and carry off women of the North. Because of the frequency of raids, many people have fled south into the mountains or the lands of House Umber east of the kingsroad.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

The kingsroad through the Gift is used by Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow.[3]

A Storm of Swords

During their journey to find the three-eyed crow, Bran Stark and his companions seek refuge at Queenscrown in the New Gift. While they are hiding in the tower, they witness a fight between Jon Snow and Styr's Thenns.[1][4]

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Commander Jon Snow agrees to allow Stannis Baratheon to settle free folk on the Gift following the Battle of Castle Black.[5]

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