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The Gorge, spanned by the Bridge of Skulls. © FFG

The Gorge is a large, deep gorge that separates the Wall from the Bay of Ice.[1] Wildlings descend into it to bypass the Wall.[2]

Bridge of Skulls

Crossing the Gorge is the Bridge of Skulls. Around it and below it are many rocks, and it stands over at least one pool of water. Nearby is Westwatch-by-the-Bridge, an unoccupied castle of the Night's Watch.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Bowen Marsh commands the Night's Watch against the wildlings of the Weeper in a fight at the Bridge of Skulls and the Gorge.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

The commander of the Shadow Tower, Ser Denys Mallister writes to Castle Black to report sightings of fires in the night north of the Gorge.[4] Denys believes wildings are amassing to force the Bridge of Skulls once more.[5]