Greywater Watch

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Greywater Watch
Greywater Watch.jpg
Greywater Watch - by Bertolt Hyronimus ©
Location The north
Government House Reed, Feudal lord
Ruler Lord Howland Reed
Religion Old gods
The north and the approximate location of Greywater Watch
The north and the approximate location of Greywater Watch
Greywater Watch
The north and the approximate location of Greywater Watch

Greywater Watch,[1][2] also known as Greywater,[2][3] is the seat of House Reed in the north. It is roughly located in an eastern headwater of the Green Fork[4][5] in the swamps of the Neck, southwest of Moat Cailin.[2] It is a castle[6] built upon a crannog, one of the man-made floating islands of the swamps, and it does not stay in the same place, making it impossible for ravens or enemies to find.[7] According to Meera Reed, there is no maester there, nor any knights or masters-at-arms.[3]


Ironborn and Andal warriors as well as Freys have attempted to conquer Greywater Watch, but none have been able to find it. Many of the invaders rode into bogs and sank because of their armor.[8]

Lord Eddard Stark has sent letters to his friend, Lord Howland Reed, at Greywater over the years, but Bran Stark cannot recall any crannogmen visiting Winterfell in response.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Robb Stark sends word to Lord Howland Reed at Greywater Watch to have the crannogmen defend the Neck if Lord Tywin Lannister marches up the causeway.[1]

A Clash of Kings

At Greywater, Jojen Reed dreams of black waves of salt water overcoming Winterfell.[9] The youth also has a green dream of a winged wolf, so Howland sends his children to Winterfell to aid Bran Stark.[3] Jojen and his older sister, Meera Reed, attend the harvest feast at Winterfell and pledge the faith of Greywater.[2]


Meera: Ravens can't find Greywater Watch, no more than our enemies can.

Bran: Why not?

Meera: Because it moves.[3]

Andals and ironmen, Freys and other fools, all those proud warriors who set out to conquer Greywater. Not one of them could find it. They ride into the Neck, but not back out. And sooner or later they blunder into the bogs and sink beneath the weight of all that steel and drown there in their armor.[8]