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The Iron Islands and the location of Harlaw
The Iron Islands and the location of Harlaw

Harlaw is one of the islands that make up the region known as the Iron Islands. Second in size only to Great Wyk, Harlaw is distinguished from the other islands by being both the wealthiest and most densely populated.[1] The easternmost of the Iron Isles, Harlaw is northeast of Pyke, from which it is a day's sail,[2] and southeast of Orkmont and Blacktyde. Banefort in the Westerlands is across Ironman's Bay to the south.[3]

Harlaw is renowned for its shaggy ponies which are used throughout the Iron Islands.[2]


Harlaw is the seat of House Harlaw which reigns supreme on the island, one of the few families that rivals the Greyjoys in strength and influence. The Harlaws have five keeps on the isle that gave them their name: Ten Towers, the seat of House Harlaw and Lord Rodrik Harlaw; Harridan Hill, ruled by Boremund the Blue; the Tower of Glimmering, the seat of Hotho Humpback, Grey Garden, presided over by Ser Harras Harlaw; and ancient Harlaw Hall, which belongs to Sigfryd Harlaw the Silverhair. Harlaw Hall was the seat of the family before the construction of Ten Towers.[1]

The bannermen of Lord Rodrik on the isle include the Kennings, the Myres, the Stonetrees, and the Volmarks of Volmark.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Asha Greyjoy visits her uncle, Lord Rodrik Harlaw, at Ten Towers prior to the kingsmoot. Rodrik mentions that Lord Baelor Blacktyde briefly visited Harlaw before continuing to Old Wyk.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

After Euron Greyjoy was crowned King of the Iron Islands at the kingsmoot, Asha fled Old Wyk for Deepwood Motte, bidding farewell to her mother Alannys Harlaw at Ten Towers during her flight. While at Ten Towers she received word that Euron had married her by proxy to Erik Ironmaker.[4]

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