Harrion Karstark

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Harrion Karstark
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Alias(es) Harry[1]
Title(s) Lord of Karhold
Allegiance House Karstark
Culture(s) Northmen
Born Karhold[2]
Father Rickard Karstark
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (appendix)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Harrion Karstark, affectionately called Harry by his sister Alys, is the eldest son and heir of Lord Rickard Karstark of Karhold.

Appearance and Character

Harrion is a young man. He has a beard and is considered fierce.[3] He has a black cloak patterned with white suns.[3]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Harrion accompanies his father, Lord Rickard and his two brothers, Eddard and Torrhen, to Winterfell when Robb Stark calls his banners.[4] When the northern host reaches the Twins and splits, Harrion is placed under the command of Lord Roose Bolton and marches down the kingsroad to the fords. He is captured during the battle on the Green Fork by a hedge knight.[3]

A Clash of Kings

Tyrion Lannister offers to trade Harrion along with Ser Wylis Manderly for Willem Lannister in an exchange of prisoners.[5] During his stay at Harrenhal, where Harrion is being kept while waiting for a prisoner transfer, he walks the battlements alone.[3]

A Storm of Swords

After Lord Roose Bolton takes Harrenhal, Harrion is among the northern prisoners released. Roose sends him along with Robett Glover, Ser Helman Tallhart, and other northerners to take Duskendale.[6] His whereabouts after the battle at Duskendale are unknown. Harrion becomes Lord of Karhold when Robb executes his father Rickard for treason after the latter kills the captive Willem Lannister and Tion Frey.[7]

A Feast for Crows

Harrion is held captive at Maidenpool.[8]

A Dance with Dragons

Arnolf Karstark declares for Stannis Baratheon, hoping that when the Iron Throne learns of this they will execute Harrion, thus making his sister Alys the heir to Karhold.[9] Arnolf's plan is to wed his son Cregan to Alys and claim Karhold.[1] Arnolf's declaration for Stannis is also a plot orchestrated alongside Roose Bolton; the plan is to turn against Stannis once his forces reach Winterfell.[10]

Arnolf's plot to claim Karhold is ruined when Jon Snow arranges a marriage between Alys and Sigorn, the Magnar of Thenn, and sends a raven to King Stannis informing of Arnolf's treachery. Should Harrion die, lordship of Karhold would pass to the newly-styled House Thenn.[11]


first wife
second wife
6 Grandsons
[Note 1]
  1. It is not known whether these are the sons of Cregan, Arthor or one of their sisters.