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House Stout.svg Lord
Harwood Stout
House Stout.svg
Title Lord of Goldgrass
Culture Northmen

Harwood Stout is the Lord of Goldgrass and the head of House Stout.[1] He is a vassal of Lady Barbrey Dustin of Barrowton.[2]


Harwood is grizzled and is missing an arm.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Harwood hosts a feast for Ramsay Bolton at Goldgrass after his failed search for the missing Freys; Lady Barbrey Dustin has barred Ramsay from Barrow Hall. Grey Jeyne and Maude kill one of Harwood's old hounds over a meaty bone Will Short tosses them. Lord Roose Bolton arrives at the feast to tell Ramsay he will be wed at Winterfell instead of Barrowton and to take Theon Greyjoy with him.[3]

Harwood attends the wedding of Ramsay to "Arya Stark", actually Jeyne Poole, at Winterfell.[4] During a later breakfast, Harwood quietly converses with Hother Umber. Among the snowmen that squires build along the battlements of Winterfell, one lacks an arm to depict Harwood.[5] Lord Stout reacts incredulously when Ser Hosteen Frey suggests taking the fight to Stannis Baratheon.[6] He later jokes with Roger Ryswell.[7]


Leave the castle? Would you have us charge blindly into the snow?[6]

—Harwood to Hosteen Frey


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