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A hedge wizard is a Westerosi local or traveling herb-doctor, who also likely uses traditional healing, spells and charms to heal the sick or help the needy.

Like hedge knights, they are probably quite poor and sleep in hedges on occasion. They are probably most popular amongst the smallfolk, as they are likely to be more affordable and accessible. Nobles probably do not employ the services of hedge wizards, or if they do, they do so clandestinely.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During a meeting in Winterfell, the steward of Deepwood Motte informs Prince Bran Stark and his councilors that he is setting aside only a tenth of his harvest. A hedge wizard had told him that there would be a bountiful spirit summer before the cold set in. Maester Luwin has a number of choice things to say about hedge wizards in reply.[1]

A Feast for Crows

In the Citadel, rumors say that Archmaester Marwyn keeps the company of hedge wizards, among other social outcasts.[2]

In King's Landing, one of the men trying to pass the head of a murdered dwarf as that of Tyrion Lannister - to collect the reward offered by Queen Regent Cersei Lannister - argues that a hedge wizard had regrown Tyrion's missing nose.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

When Davos arrives at White Harbor, he visits Fishfoot Yard and he finds it teeming with people. Beneath the arches of the peddler's colonnade, he sees that a hedge wizard has set up for business.[4]

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