Helman Tallhart

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House Tallhart.svg Master
Helman Tallhart
House Tallhart.svg
Allegiance House Tallhart
Successor Eddara Tallhart
Culture Northmen
Born Torrhen's Square[1]
Died In 299 ACDuskendale
Spouse Unknown

Helman Tallhart is a knight, the Master of Torrhen's Square, and the head of House Tallhart.[2]


Catelyn Stark feels that Helman is capable and trustworthy.[3]


Ser Helman and his son, Benfred Tallhart, have often visited Winterfell to see Lord Eddard Stark,[4] and Theon Greyjoy once accompanied Lord Stark on a visit to see Helman at Torrhen's Square.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Before Catelyn Stark leaves King's Landing, her husband, Lord Eddard Stark, orders her to send word to Helman and Galbart Glover once she comes back to the north. Lord Stark commands them to raise a hundred bowmen each and fortify Moat Cailin.[6]

When Robb Stark calls the northern banners in response to Eddard's arrest, Tallhart men march to Winterfell[7] while Helman's brother Leobald remains at Torrhen's Square as castellan.[8] Helman is the first of the northern bannermen to greet Catelyn when she joins Robb's war council at Moat Cailin.[9]

When the northmen arrive at the Twins, Helman is skeptical of their chances at taking the castles by force.[3] After an alliance is formed between Houses Stark and Frey, Robb names Helman as the commander of the garrison of four hundred archers and swordsmen left at the Twins to ensure the loyalty of Lord Walder Frey.[3]

A Clash of Kings

Helman's son, Benfred Tallhart, is killed by ironborn during the harrying of the Stony Shore.[5]

Ser Edmure Tully orders Helman to leave the Twins and join up with Lord Roose Bolton to seize Harrenhal.[10]

Helman retakes Castle Darry after a small siege with the Lannister garrison surrendering after a short period. At Harrenhal, Roose sends word for Helman to torch Darry and kill the captives in Robb's name, and then join forces with Robett Glover on a march to Duskendale.[11]

Helman's brother Leobald is killed by Boltons during the battle at Winterfell.[12]

A Storm of Swords

Helman and much of the northern infantry are killed in the battle at Duskendale, as Lord Randyll Tarly had been anticipating them.[13] Helman is succeeded by his daughter Eddara in rule of Torrhen's Square.[2]

Quotes by Helman

Lady Catelyn, you are fair as ever, a welcome sight in troubled times.[9]

—Helman to Catelyn Stark

Quotes about Helman

Catelyn: Lord Walder will grant you your crossing. His swords are yours as well, less four hundred he means to keep back to hold the Twins. I suggest that you leave four hundred of your own, a mixed force of archers and swordsmen. He can scarcely object to an offer to augment his garrison ... but make certain you give the command to a man you can trust. Lord Walder may need help keeping faith.

Robb: As you say, Mother. Perhaps ... Ser Helman Tallhart, do you think?

Catelyn: A fine choice.[3]