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You can find a list of templates here: [[:Category:Templates]]. which are explained here [[Help:Categories Overview]].
You can find a list of templates here: [[:Category:Templates]]. which are explained here [[Help:Templates Overview]].

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Manual of Style, the goal is to outline the agreed upon layout and formatting, to produce consistent articles and help out new editors.

General rules

  • Use the Preview button.
  • Follow the format of existing pages as much as possible.
  • Please use our sandbox to test code.
  • Add a descriptive summary when editing a page.
  • A "minor edit" is a fix to a typo or small change that does not affect the page. No summary required.


  • Sign your name at the end of your post by adding 4 tildes (~~~~)
  • Indent your post with a colon (:) when replying to a previous post.


Sources and Copying

Information for the content of pages comes from a lot of different sources. If the source of your contributions is something other than the books, please state your sources.
Copying from wikipedia is ok; the content of wikipedia is free but there are some rules. They are stated in Copying from Wikipedia. In short you have to refer to the original article. This is a must!

  • A good way to do this is using the template {{EnWP|<article from wikipedia>}}


Add your page to a category or more if appropriate. This makes searching easier.
You can find a list of existing categories here: Special:Categories. which are explained here Help:Categories Overview.
Place the code at the very bottom of the article.



You can find a list of templates here: Category:Templates. which are explained here Help:Templates Overview.