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House Beesbury of Honeyholt
Coat of arms Three yellow beehives on a black pale over a paly black and yellow field
Words «Beware our Sting»
Seat Honeyholt
Lord Lord Warryn Beesbury
Region the Reach
Overlord House Hightower

House Beesbury of Honeyholt is a noble house from the Reach, sworn to the Hightowers. Honeyholt is located next to the Honeywine river, which flows towards Oldtown and the Whispering Sound.

Their arms are three yellow beehives on a black pale over a paly black and yellow field.[1][2][3] Their words do not appear in the books, but according to semi-canon sources it is «Beware our Sting».[4]

The Beesbury House at the end of the third century

The known Beesburys during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire are:

With unspecified familiar relationship with the lord of the house there are also:

References in the books

Dunk and Egg

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Renly names Beesbury as one of the houses supporting him on the parley with Stannis at Storm's End.
  • Ser Bertram Beesbury met Jaime and Brienne on their way to King's Landing and gave them the news of the Red Wedding.
  • Ser Hugh Beesbury took part on the wager on Brienne's maidenhood, offering her as a present a pot of honey "as sweet as the maids of Tarth".
  • Blind Ben Beesbury was one of the candidates Prince Doran offered to Arianne for marriage.
  • Jeyne Beesbury is married to Rhaegar Frey.
  • Beony Beesbury is married to Ser Raymund Frey.
  • Alys Beesbury is married to Ser Leo Tyrell, a distant cousin of Lord Mace Tyrell.

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